Blue Whale Arises to Blow Rainbow Heart

This amazing photo seems to catch the minute a blue whale blew a rainbow shaded HEART as it came up for air. Photographer Tanakit Suwanyangyaun was fortunate enough to catch one of the grand creatures clearing its blowhole.
Be that as it may, the way the water beads and the daylight fell gives the presence of the whale blowing a rainbow-hued heart.
Tanakit had gone through the day swimming among the whales, as he visited the region, close Sri Lanka, with a scuba jump visit.
Furthermore, subsequent to catching pictures of himself with the world's biggest well evolved creatures under the water – he was excited to take this additional uncommon picture over the water as well.
He stated: "The photos are a dream come true for me."
“I’d longed to swim with blue whales all my life – it was such an unforgettable experience.
“The whales were swimming past quite quickly, we only saw each one for a few seconds before it swam off, so I was very lucky. “I’d go back again and again if I had the chance.”

The blue whale is a marine vertebrate having a place with the baleen whale parvorder, MysticetiAt up to 29.9 metresn length and with a most extreme recorded load of 173 tonnes,it is the biggest creature known to have at any point existed. Long and thin, the blue whale's body can be different shades of pale blue dark dorsally and to some degree lighter underneath.
Source of the information: White Wolf Pack

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