5 Things Make You Stronger In Your Life.

Sometimes you never know that your mistakes, unpleasant experiences and unbearable incidents in life make you stronger than before, but sometimes you feel like something has been changed yourself. When you go deeper into that fact of being a BRAND NEW YOU, you’ll probably figure out what affected the most for your strength that you never ever had experienced before.
1. You learned to never to give up.
In life we all accept challenges since the first day we were born, but the fact that we never believe in ourselves is we assume that someone outer there is doing finer or better than us and we COMPARE, we create OUR OWN FAILURE, we follow THE RAT RACE, then finally we GIVE UP for superstitious and unrealistic believes. ONCE in the lifetime, you realize your stupidity and you worth; it was a privilege to identify your value and start being SMART BADA*S. Now who you are today have risen up over all the circumstances.
2. You appreciated what you have, instead of what you missed.
You missed him, you lost him, you missed her, you lost her, you missed it, you lost it…. What man!!!!!!! It’s all over, you have you and yourself, what else matters???? You found your mistake of being attached to lost things, people and then there onwards you never looked back and worry about what has gone, you started to believe in that fact, everything happened for a reason; either good or bad, it will be known at the right time of your life. Now you rocks since you appreciate each and every moment with the people who honestly are there.
3. You stopped feeling sorry for own-self.
There was a time you were thinking WHY? WHY? Why everything happens to me. You were depressed, stressed, downhearted, discouraged.. Etc. YES! All those hard times made you much stronger than before. You realize it’s easy to worry about everything rather than working hard to succeed; you choose your life, no one else. You are stronger than they think.
4. You figured out your weaknesses.
We all have weaknesses since all were born imperfect, but those weaknesses cannot define who you are, you decide and clarify to be yourself. You choose not to continue making same mistake again and again. That’s where the beginning of your strength, you’ve risen up over your mistakes, imperfection and failures. Oh yeah! Be proud, because it’s something special to be proud as you are awesome.
5. You probably had hard times alone and consoled yourself alone at times.
You became you soulmate, your better half, your love, your caretaker and your strength; you remember the moment you struggled to make a decision of life where you’ve been your own god. YES! Only few percentage of people can understand how to rely on own self when you are hopeless and helpless. You became you own counselor and made your life brighter, and still it’s not over. YESTERDAY, TODAY and TOMORROW, you fight with the world to save you. You are strong! Yes I do, I am strong.
Share your thoughts and feelings, especially your journey of being stronger and your criticism never discourage me. Never let others’ opinions’ to demotivate you.

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