The Guy Covered 95 Percent Of His Body With Tattoos: What Did He Look Like 5 Years Ago – Before Making Tattoos?

Weigelt embarked on his journey into comprehensive body art at the age of 20, resulting in tattoos covering 95 percent of his body. Reflecting on his appearance before the tattoos, he mentioned to the Daily Star, "It's odd to see my untattooed self, but internally, I feel the same."

He noted that the tattoos on his face and skull were particularly painful, describing the sensation as similar to being brushed with metal. "I went through six sessions, each lasting five to six hours, with the pain level around eight out of ten," he shared.

Weigelt mentioned that his tattoos are purely artistic, without any deep symbolism or hidden meanings. Over a span of five years, he has spent $50,000 on his body art.

Weigelt recommends that those interested in tattoos should select designs that hold personal significance. He notes that many people worry about whether a tattoo will suit them, but emphasizes that if you like the design, that's what truly counts.

The extent of this transformation is truly astonishing. Could you ever consider the possibility of covering your entire body with tattoos?

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