Woman Waves To Bear From Her Car – Look At His Unexpected Response 1 Second Later

Who said a 280-pound bear can't have personality? One particular bear, currently a sensation online, is proving otherwise.

Residing at the Olympic Game Farm in Washington, where numerous animals roam in spacious habitats, this bear's backstory remains a mystery. He might have been rescued from a zoo and deemed unfit for release into the wild. Regardless, he now enjoys a life of freedom. Visitors often come to marvel at these magnificent creatures.

One day, a woman at the farm spotted the bear and decided to wave. His reaction? Utterly delightful.

Photo: YouTube

Visitors flock to the farm to gain insight into wildlife and observe animals they might not encounter in the wild.

During one visit, a woman sitting in her car gave the bear a friendly wave. To her amazement, the bear responded by waving back!

Watch their magical encounter in the video below.

It’s a very short video clip, but I can watch it over and over again!

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