Woman Introduces New Boyfriend To Parents, Horrified When Meeting Becomes Family Reunion

With 8.1 billion people on the planet, finding a genetically unrelated partner should be straightforward. However, over 250,000 Americans married to cousins choose to keep it within the family.

One woman discovered, five months into her relationship, that her partner appeared in her father's family photos.

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A heartbreaking story surfaced on Reddit from a woman in her mid-20s. She shared how her excitement about meeting a new man on a dating app turned into sheer horror.

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A woman named Gelicca shared her story: “I met a guy on Hinge with the softest hazel eyes and thought he was the one.” After exchanging a few messages, they decided to go on a date and soon became a couple.

After five months, they decided to meet each other’s families to take their relationship to the next level.

Since their families lived on opposite sides of the country, the introductions required careful planning and coordination.


She shares, “We hadn’t had a chance to meet each other’s parents because we had moved away from home.” Instead of the usual arrangement where each would meet the other’s parents separately, they decided to have dinner with both sets of parents together.

She was anxious about the meeting because she didn't know that their parents were already acquainted.

During the family gathering, her father's face turned pale when he introduced himself to her boyfriend’s mother. He realized she was his cousin, the daughter of his uncle. She also took a moment to recognize him.

Their parents hadn’t seen each other for nearly thirty years. It was clear from their reactions that something was wrong, and they soon revealed to the couple that they were related.


It was a surprising twist of fate that she and her ex-boyfriend ended up in the same city after moving from different states.

Cousin marriages, known as consanguinity, account for 10% of relationships globally. This practice is particularly prevalent among about 20% of the global population, primarily in the Middle East, West Asia, and North Africa.

In the U.S., however, this is less common and is only legally permitted in 20 states and the District of Columbia.


The young couple, deeply in love, decided to end their relationship to avoid scrutiny and do what they felt was right.

"Even though we loved each other, we knew it wasn't the right thing to continue. It was one of the hardest breakups I've ever been through, but our families needed us to make that choice. I quietly removed everything from social media and told my friends it just didn't work out," she explains.

“Learning about this heinous act”

The woman, using a new Reddit account to avoid embarrassment, shares her shock at the situation. "You hear countless stories of people unknowingly getting involved with relatives and finding out in the most awkward ways, and mine was no different."

Support poured in from the online community. One commenter said, "I'm sorry, that sounds really tough. Much respect for handling it discreetly." Another added, "It's always hardest to break up for reasons beyond incompatibility or personal issues."


Others chimed in with remarks reflecting different cultural perspectives. "In my country, parents would be thrilled by this discovery," one user commented.

"My aunt and uncle are also first cousins. Though it's an unusual situation that some family members gossip about, they have a happy family with a healthy child," another user shared.

Acknowledging the complexity, the user added, "It's a difficult situation regardless of whether you decide to continue the relationship or end it," making it clear that their family isn't "sweethomealabama style."

Some online users chose to find humor in the awkward family dinner scenario.

"Everyone ordered meatloaf, and it tasted just like Grandma used to make," one person quipped. Another joked, "Maybe they were at Olive Garden, where everyone is family."

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