This is Kanon Tipton: The 4-Year-Old Preacher Captivating Millions

Kanon Tipton, a third-generation Pentecostal preacher, has become a YouTube sensation with over 4 million views. He first preached at just 21 months old by grabbing the microphone from his grandfather and delivering a baby-talk sermon that amazed the audience. Now four years old, Kanon continues to captivate audiences with his talks.

Kanon's father, Damion Tipton, describes his son's preaching as a "phenomenon," believing Kanon has a special gift from God, despite acknowledging that he mimics adult preachers.

Reactions to Kanon's preaching vary. Paul Bentley from the Daily Mail finds him irresistibly cute, especially when he exclaims, “The Lord is here tonight!” The Huffington Post editors are impressed by his dramatic and emotional style, comparing it to that of a seasoned preacher.

However, there are skeptics. Diane Werts from Newsday remains uncertain, noting that a National Geographic Channel program featuring young preachers, including Kanon, suggests their enthusiasm might stem from parental influence, dubbing them “Stars for Jesus.” This raises questions about the authenticity of Kanon's fervor, prompting viewers to watch and form their own opinions.

Watch his preaching below and decide for yourself.

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