This Boy Dreamt Of Buying His Mom A Home After Living In Subsidized Housing With Mice & Became A Millionaire Star

This young man grew up in Stratford, Ontario, where he played sports like hockey and soccer, though he was originally from London, Ontario.

His passion for drumming began during church visits, where he watched the drummer and said, "Ever since I can remember, I’ve always loved music.” He learned to play the piano, guitar, and trumpet on his own while taking drum lessons.

Despite financial hardships, his mother remained his biggest supporter, sharing videos of his soulful covers on YouTube. Although she couldn't afford a drum kit, she bought him drumsticks so he could practice on the ground.

At twelve, he participated in a local talent competition, securing second place with his rendition of Ne-Yo’s “So Sick.” His mother posted videos of his performances on YouTube to showcase his talent and dedication.

The boy's fortune changed as his musical talent blossomed. He earned nearly $3,000 through various activities, from busking outside a Stratford theater in the summer to singing pop songs while brushing his teeth.

With this money, he was able to fulfill a dream by taking his family on their first-ever trip to Disneyland. Once constrained by limited resources, he could now walk into a restaurant and order anything without worrying about the cost.

Justin Bieber reflected on his past, acknowledging that while they didn't have much money, his childhood was happy. This lack of wealth instilled in him a deep appreciation for money.

Bruce Dale, Justin’s grandfather, remarked that despite Justin’s natural talent and relentless work ethic, he remained a good kid who achieved significant success in today's popular music scene.

Scooter Braun, an emerging talent manager and party promoter in Atlanta, stumbled upon Justin Bieber's YouTube videos and was captivated by the young singer-songwriter.

Initially searching for another YouTube star, Braun was struck by Justin's remarkable vocal talent. Determined to locate him, Braun tracked down the busking video, identified Justin's school, and persistently reached out to his mother, Pattie.

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