They Told Him He Could Only Adopt A Baby With An Illness, Disability, Or Behavioral Problems

We envision a family as a place where we are loved and valued from birth. Unfortunately, things don’t always unfold that way, and Alba's birth was one such instance.

Sadly, her mother abandoned her as a baby. Over the years, twenty families tried to adopt her, but each one ultimately rejected her. However, eventually, her circumstances began to improve.

Luca Trapanese faced numerous hurdles in his quest to adopt a young girl. As a gay man living in Italy, he encountered significant social challenges that complicated the adoption process. Despite these obstacles, an exception was made for him, allowing him to adopt a child. The girl, who has Down syndrome, presented some difficulties, but their bond was strong and evident to everyone around them.

When Luca began the adoption process, he was told he would only be eligible for a child with severe illness, significant disability, or behavioral issues. The authorities underestimated his willingness to embrace any of these challenges. In 2017, at just 13 days old, the girl was placed with Luca after 20 families had declined to adopt her due to her condition. To Luca, she brought immense joy and fulfillment, and he felt honored to be her father. 

Luca approached fatherhood with deep commitment. Despite his extensive experience working in special needs facilities, it took time for him to become a father. His motivation to help those in need began when his best friend passed away from cancer at 14. He continued this mission through his work with Catholic charities. When the opportunity to adopt came, he embraced it wholeheartedly, even without a partner.

Alba, the little girl, is known for her headstrong and determined nature. She loves singing and dancing and has an outgoing personality. Luca admitted he was terrified the first time he held her, but he instantly felt they were meant to be together. He shares their journey with hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers, showcasing their joy and resilience. Together, they have navigated a pandemic and emerged stronger. We hope they continue to have a long and happy life together.

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