Mum Cruelly Branded A ‘Toad’ Due To Thousands Of Tumors Covering Her Body Reveals Dramatic Transformation After Undergoing Surgery

Similar to her mother, Libby Huffer, aged 45, grapples with neurofibromatosis type 1, a genetic condition characterized by non-cancerous growths that develop wherever nerves exist.

Regrettably, this condition has resulted in Libby having over 6,000 tumors on her body, subjecting her to bullying. Over the years, Libby has endured derogatory names, including being labeled "a toad" and "lizard breath."

Her condition deteriorated further when she became pregnant and gave birth to her daughter 23 years ago, causing the number of tumors to multiply into thousands.

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Libby's tumors afflict every part of her body, including her face, exacerbating not only her appearance but also causing her chronic pain.

Struggling to come to terms with her condition and its impact on her appearance, Libby initiated a fundraiser in 2016 to finance electrodessication surgery. This pioneering procedure aims to remove the tumors and prevent their regrowth.

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Fortunately, she successfully raised the necessary funds, and in the following year, underwent the long-awaited surgery in June. The procedure enabled her to eliminate approximately 1,000 tumors from her face and other areas of her body. While the surgery was a success, it resulted in numerous scars that necessitated CO2 laser treatment.

She expressed, "There's still a significant journey ahead to heal the emotional wounds I've endured over the years, but I'm confident that it will gradually improve with time."

Libby expressed her belief that undergoing more surgeries will enhance her confidence, aiding in the alleviation of some of the painful memories from her childhood.

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"Nowadays, I don't have as many prominent tumors on my face, and I feel like my confidence has increased since the surgery."

"I've noticed a reduction in people staring at me now. Occasionally, I still catch kids looking, but there's definitely been a significant improvement."

Reflecting on the pain and bullying she has endured, Libby shared, "I've faced bullying and victimization my entire life because of the bumps covering my skin, which extend from head to toe."

"In school, kids would constantly pick on me, calling me names like 'lizard breath' and 'toad'."

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When she sought to raise funds for her surgery, Libby shared her struggles and appealed to people to assist her in regaining a sense of normalcy.

She mentioned, "The tumors on my back result in chronic pain, and I constantly experience tingling sensations in my feet due to nerve issues, making it difficult to sleep."

"Even simple actions like receiving a hug or feeling water from the shower hit them in a certain manner can cause them pain," she explained.

"But I'm human too; all I desire is to be loved and cared for like anyone else," she expressed.

"I wish instead of making comments, people would engage in conversation with me rather than stare as if I'm a circus attraction. It just makes me feel incredibly uncomfortable," she expressed.

The life-changing surgery, which amounted to $23,500, freed her from the stares and taunts of others for the first time in three decades.

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