“Minus 440 lbs”: The Star Of Reality Show “1000 lb Sisters” Surprised Everyone With Her Extreme Weight Loss!

Tammy Slaton, star of the reality TV show "1000 Pound Sisters," has opened up about the transformative changes in her life as she continues her weight loss journey, according to Express. At 37, Tammy has amazed fans by shedding 440 pounds and embracing a new outlook. This drastic weight loss necessitated a complete wardrobe change, as her clothes became too large. Impressively, she can now walk independently for the first time in years.

Tammy began her journey at a perilous 700 pounds, but after undergoing bariatric surgery, she now weighs 280 pounds. This is her lowest weight since her teenage years. "I was so worried about that figure, but I have lost more than 100 pounds in six months. The last time I weighed that low I was about 15 or 16 years old. I freaking really did it," Tammy shared with excitement.

Despite the significant weight loss resulting in excess saggy skin, Tammy remains hopeful about the possibility of plastic surgery to address it.

Fans have been showering Tammy with praise for her incredible transformation and newfound positive outlook. One fan commented, “Just watched all the seasons and wow, Tammy has completely changed.” Another noted, “She looks completely different on the outside, and her attitude and behavior seem so much more positive. Honestly, I haven’t cried that much.” Another fan added, “Sometimes the most stubborn people end up being the most successful.”

Amy and Tammy Slaton, sisters battling obesity, seek help from a bariatric surgeon while running a popular YouTube channel, their main source of income due to their sedentary lifestyles. Determined to lose weight and qualify for surgery, the Kentucky sisters are on a mission to transform their lives. Their reality show, which began airing in January 2020, documents their weight loss journey, along with their emotions, doubts, and fears.

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