Elvis Presley’s Grandson Takes The Stage And Shows His Talent. He Even Looks Like His Legendary Grandfather

Dakota Striplin’s Stunning Performance on The Voice

In a captivating episode of "The Voice," Dakota Striplin made a sensational claim: he might be the grandson of Elvis Presley. His soulful rendition of "Love Me Tender" left both the audience and judges spellbound, as his performance, paired with his own guitar accompaniment, echoed the legendary Elvis.

As Dakota's haunting voice resonated through the room, the first judge was deeply moved, immediately turning her chair with her hand over her heart. Soon after, another judge, captivated by Dakota's magnetic presence and vocal talent, followed suit.

After his performance, the judges delved into Dakota's choice of song and musical influences. He shared touching stories about his family's connection to Elvis, including his grandmother's cherished memories of attending Elvis's concerts. Dakota humorously hinted at a familial link to the King of Rock and Roll, sparking laughter and playful banter among the judges about their resemblance.

Adding to the intrigue, Dakota revealed enigmatic details of his ancestry, including a significant DNA discovery that questioned his known lineage and suggested a possible connection to Elvis.

Watch the full video below to experience Dakota Striplin’s enchanting performance and fascinating backstory.

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