Boy Dies, Comes Back, Says Jesus Gave Him A Message For The World

A Boy's Near-Death Experience and His Urgent Message

A young boy claims to have died in a car accident and experienced heaven, returning with a message he believes Jesus wants him to share with the world. He feels a strong need to spread this message urgently.

On October 19, 1997, Landon Whitley was in the backseat of the family car, returning home from church with his parents, when disaster struck. Landon recalls not seeing the ambulance his father was yelling about before it hit their vehicle at an intersection.

According to Fox News, Julie Kemp, Landon’s mother, stated that her husband Andy's warning was the last thing she heard before the ambulance broadsided their car. The collision killed Andy instantly.

While rescuers stabilized Julie, they were unaware of Landon’s presence in the wrecked vehicle. Julie explained that Landon was seated behind his father, and the damage to the driver’s side concealed his body. Rescuers only realized a child was involved when they found one of Landon’s shoes, prompting a search for him.

The Family Vehicle

When rescuers found Landon, he wasn't breathing. They immediately revived him and transported him by life flight. He died twice more that day but was brought back each time, though the ordeal continued.

Julie recalled being told, “If he survived, which seemed unlikely, he would be like an 8-year-old baby.” Due to severe brain damage, he would be unable to eat, walk, or talk. Despite this, Julie was desperate and willing to accept any outcome just to have him.

Just to have him, I would take that. I had nothing but him.

Julie had to bury her husband while her son fought for his life. During the funeral, she felt abandoned by God.

“I was heartbroken and full of disappointment,” she admitted. “Sitting there, I questioned God. I couldn’t understand why this happened or why He didn’t protect us. Yet, in the same breath, I found myself praying intensely for Landon’s survival.”

Whitley Landon.

Julie’s prayers were answered when, two weeks after the accident, Landon finally opened his eyes. Despite severe head trauma and dependence on life-support machines, he showed no signs of brain damage.

Julie was overjoyed but knew she had to tell Landon that his father had died. She remembered, “His face was scarred, and his head was in pain. I wanted to shield him from more hurt, so I gently asked, ‘Do you know where your dad is?’ He told me he knew—he had seen him in heaven.”

Landon’s experience in heaven didn’t end there. He also saw siblings he never knew existed and family friends who had passed away. “Oh mom, I forgot to tell you,” he said. “I saw your two other children.” Julie was stunned, realizing he was referring to the two miscarriages she had before Landon was born.

Julie remarked, “And he saw them in heaven.” “We hadn’t disclosed that to Landon before. We had lost two children before him, but he was unaware of this.

Landon Whitley is still delivering the message he claims Jesus gave him in heaven, decades after the accident.

Landon shared, "Although no one had ever mentioned them to me, I instantly recognized them as my siblings. In Heaven, you just know who everyone is." Each time he passed away, Landon experienced a different aspect of paradise. On his third visit, he encountered Jesus and received a mission.

"Jesus came to me and told me to return to Earth, live faithfully, and spread His message," Landon recounted. "I want everyone to know that angels, heaven, and Jesus are real. If you follow Him and the Bible, everything will ultimately be okay."

Landon and Julie now dedicate their lives to helping those dealing with loss and seeking hope, inspired by the message Jesus gave Landon. "I know I’m doing it for Jesus," Landon stated. "I know He exists, angels exist, and heaven exists. I have seen Jesus and am fulfilling His request."

Julie reflected, "In 1997, I didn’t understand why God didn’t send an angel. But now, I realize angels were indeed present. We were kept safe and are now fulfilling His purpose for us. Our story helps others not to give up and to maintain their faith during their grief journey, rather than staying stuck in sorrow or anger at God."

"Watching my son share Jesus with others is such a blessing," Julie continued. "He never hesitates to share the good news of heaven with others because he has experienced it firsthand."

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