A Son Took His Mother To A Nursing Home, Where He Visited Her From Time To Time. One Day He Was Called Because His Mother Was Not Feeling Well. Then The Son, With Tears In His Eyes, Asked Her What He Could Do For Her, And The Mother Answered

Do we ever stop to reflect on the idea that what goes around, comes around? Often, we take actions without fully understanding their impact on others. Fortunately, life has a way of reminding us to be more considerate.

After his father passed away, one man felt unable to care for his mother and made the difficult decision to move her into a nursing home. Unfortunately, she was unhappy there, and he only visited occasionally, feeling unable to provide the attention she needed.

One day, he received a call informing him that his mother's health had deteriorated significantly. She was not doing well at all, and it seemed like she was in her final days.

The son rushed to the nursing home and went straight to his mother's room. He asked her if there was anything he could do for her.

The mother looked into her son's eyes and expressed a few requests. Hearing this, he assured her that he was more than willing to fulfill her final wishes.

The mother elaborated that she desired the fans to be replaced due to their malfunctioning, which often caused her discomfort. "Could you also consider replacing the refrigerator? There were occasions when I went to bed hungry as the food had gone bad," she recounted.

The son was taken aback. He had assumed his mother was unaware of her deteriorating health. He then inquired why she hadn't shared this information with him earlier. Now, however, it seemed too late for any action.

Gazing into her son's eyes, the mother solemnly stated, "I understand my time is limited, but I also think about your future, when your own children may distance themselves from you. They may bring you to a similar place, where you'll find improved circumstances. Remember, what you give is what you receive. Keep that in mind."

Her words shattered the son's heart into countless fragments. He realized his mistake in placing his mother in the nursing home against her wishes.

It's crucial to always remember that it's our duty to ensure our parents spend their golden years in a manner that brings them joy and fulfillment.

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