Why You Need To Try Putting Your Top Sheets On Upside Down

Although you don't need a degree to make your bed, there are some handy tips and tricks that can streamline the process. Interestingly, many people unknowingly put their top sheets on inside out. Can you believe it? Here's why...

Southern Living suggests that the patterned side of the top sheet should face downward. While this may seem counterintuitive at first, it makes perfect sense when you fold the top sheet over the duvet, comforter, or quilt. This way, the patterned side becomes visible, adding a decorative touch to your bed.

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The best approach is to fold the top sheet down an inch or two over the top of your quilt. Then, fold the top sheet and quilt together once more. This technique will make your bed look as neat and tidy as the ones in hotels. What could be better than that?

These straightforward housekeeping tips can notably elevate the appearance of your bedroom, transforming it from hastily assembled to thoughtfully put together. Moreover, some suggest using two pillows with pillowcases that complement the sheet set, along with two pillows that match the quilt or duvet cover.

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