Why Elizabeth Montgomery Didn’t Wear a Bra in Late Bewitched Seasons

In the later seasons of the beloved TV series "Bewitched," keen-eyed viewers might have observed a notable shift in the wardrobe of the show's leading lady, Elizabeth Montgomery. Unlike the fashion trends of the era, Montgomery's character, Samantha Stephens, notably opted not to wear a bra in several episodes. While this departure from the norm might have sparked some surprise among viewers, there were practical and artistic motivations guiding Montgomery's choice.

For Montgomery, the decision to go braless wasn't merely about personal comfort but a deliberate creative choice, made in consultation with the show's producers and costume designers. As "Bewitched" progressed into its later seasons, Samantha's character became emblematic of liberation and empowerment, reflecting the shifting social attitudes of the time. By choosing to forgo a bra, Montgomery aimed to embody Samantha's confident, free-spirited essence, challenging conventional ideas of femininity and embracing a more natural, relaxed aesthetic.

Additionally, opting out of wearing a bra also addressed practical concerns. The constricting undergarments of the era could be uncomfortable for actresses during extended periods on set. By permitting Montgomery to go braless, the show's creators prioritized her comfort, ensuring she could fully inhabit the character of Samantha without unnecessary discomfort. Though Montgomery's wardrobe choice may have been unconventional at the time, it ultimately enriched the character's depth and resonated with audiences, capturing the zeitgeist of the era.

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