We Just Found Out We’re Siblings — But We’re Still Dating

Portraying siblings or romantic partners just became significantly more complex for a couple who recently discovered they might have the same father.

Carley and Mercedes, a couple in a two-year relationship, disclosed that they could be half-siblings upon learning that their mothers had relationships with the same man.

The duo, who also operate an OnlyFans account under the handle @notyouraveragesisterz, revealed the unsettling revelation in a video that garnered over 6 million views on TikTok, prompting their 560,000 followers to strongly advocate for them to undergo a DNA test. 

“I have no idea who you guys are and I immediately thought you were sisters before reading the text,” one user wrote.

“That could explain why you two look like sisters,” another user reflected.

“Am I the only person who thinks that regardless of the results it doesn’t matter?” someone else wrote.

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