Unauthorized Release Of Private Funeral Photo Involving Matthew Perry

On Friday, co-stars of Matthew Perry’s "Friends" were seen comforting one another outside the church where the 54-year-old actor was laid to rest.

Jennifer Aniston, 54; Lisa Kudrow, 60; Courteney Cox, 59; and David Schwimmer, 57, arrived at Forest Lawn cemetery in Los Angeles, dressed somberly in black suits, to bid their final farewell to Perry.

Following the brief, one-hour ceremony, Matt LeBlanc, 56, joined them outside the church, where they were photographed chatting with other well-wishers.

Along with his father John Perry, 82, his weeping mother Suzanne Morrison, 84, and stepfather Keith Morrison, a writer for Dateline, were present at the private service. Keith Morrison was one of the pallbearers.

“Ms. Aniston was among the first to arrive,” an onlooker remarked. “She remained solitary. This is a well-known meeting.”

Forest Lawn cemetery, located across from Warner Bros Studios where ten seasons of "Friends" were filmed, is the final resting place of numerous Hollywood stars, including Bette Davis, Carrie Fisher, Buster Keaton, Michael Hutchence of INXS, Anne Heche, and Stan Laurel.

At Matthew Perry’s funeral on Friday, Jennifer Aniston (left), Courteney Cox (second left), David Schwimmer (middle), Lisa Kudrow (second right), and Matt LeBlanc (far right) were pictured together.

On Friday at Forest Lawn Church of the Hills in Los Angeles, Jennifer Aniston (far back), Courteney Cox and David Schwimmer (middle), and Lisa Kudrow (front) were pictured together.

On Friday, the three "Friends" ladies, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow, along with David Schwimmer, were seen leaving the church after attending Matthew Perry’s funeral.

Keith Morrison, Perry’s stepfather, who has gray hair, carried the coffin.

"I'll Be There for You": Stars from "Friends" Attend Matthew Perry’s Burial

Following his death on Saturday, tributes to "Friends" star Matthew Perry have been pouring in.

Family Members Depart Matthew Perry’s Burial in Mourning

As the service came to an end, Peter Gabriel’s song “Don’t Give Up” played, with the poignant lyrics, “No fight left or so it seems, I am a man whose dreams have all deserted, I’ve changed my face, I’ve changed my name, But no one wants you when you lose.”

“There was not a dry eye in there,” remarked a bystander. “Both laughter and tears were abundant. Only close friends and relatives spoke.”

Perry was buried in a black wooden coffin in a private ceremony exclusively for his family following the service.

After the service, large groups of mourners dressed in black gathered outside the church. A few were observed comforting and embracing each other. Many wore dark shades to protect their eyes from the intense Californian sun.

Other celebrities buried in the beautiful parkland include INXS guitarist Michael Hutchence, Buster Keaton, Brittany Murphy, Paul Walker, and actress Anne Heche, who passed away unexpectedly in a vehicle accident last year.

On Friday, the hearse carrying Matthew Perry’s remains was seen arriving at the grave.

On Friday, a photo shows Perry’s casket being brought into the church.

Matthew Perry’s family and friends are seen arriving for the funeral on Friday.

Keith Morrison, the 54-year-old's stepfather, was one of the seven people who carried the coffin.

A lengthy lineup of cars was parked outside the Los Angeles cemetery.

A long line of cars is seen parked outside the cemetery in Los Angeles.

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