Simon Said It’s The Best Audition Ever: Little Girl Shocks ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ With Stunning Performance

In a heartwarming twist on "Britain's Got Talent," eleven-year-old Olivia Lynes catapulted to fame, thanks to a heartfelt letter from her mother to judge Amanda Holden. Olivia’s mom, convinced of her daughter’s extraordinary talent, wrote to Amanda, declaring that Olivia deserved her shot at stardom.

Choosing to perform the iconic "Defying Gravity" by Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth, Olivia stepped onto the stage, nerves and all. Her mom, overwhelmed with emotion, began to cry even before Olivia started singing.

As Olivia began her performance, what started as a modest display of her talent quickly transformed into something magical. Her powerful voice soared through the auditorium, captivating everyone present. By the midpoint of the song, the audience was on their feet, awestruck by the young singer’s incredible talent.

When Olivia finished, the entire audience and judges erupted into a standing ovation. The performance was so moving that it brought two judges to tears. In a moment of sheer joy and recognition, Amanda Holden pressed the golden buzzer, sending Olivia straight to the live shows.

Viewers at home were advised to have tissues ready for this emotional and unforgettable performance. Amanda further sealed Olivia’s stunning debut by stepping on stage and embracing her with a heartfelt hug.

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