People Slam Bride For ‘Ugly’ Wedding Dress — She Responds And Critics Delete All Their Comments

A woman kept her wedding dress a surprise until the big day arrived. Opting for an unconventional gown, she was eager to unveil it to her loved ones. The reaction she received was unexpected, prompting her to respond assertively to the critics.

On her wedding day in November 2022, Camille Lescai had a clear agenda: to make a bold statement. With a shroud of secrecy surrounding her gown, she instructed her guests and bridal party to don white attire, setting the stage for an auspicious ceremony.

Lescai's unconventional request became clear as attendees watched her glide down the aisle. Cloaked in a stunning and distinctive gown valued at approximately $4,400, she epitomized her individuality flawlessly. Yet, despite the bride's elation, her choice faced criticism from numerous netizens.

Just days following Camille Lescai's enchanting wedding in Sydney, Australia, she posted a brief clip of her grand dress reveal on TikTok. With around 300 followers, primarily friends and family, she was astounded to find her post had unexpectedly gone viral.

Aware that many others who had opted for unconventional dresses, or were considering doing so, might be hurt by the hateful comments, the bride took action against the bullying, confronting it directly.

Lescai's blush pink dress attracted attention, though not the kind she had hoped for. Amidst millions of views and a barrage of comments, both she and her cherished gown became the subject of online ridicule and hate. She expressed:

“I was bewildered by the comments because I simply didn’t expect it to go viral. I’m not an influencer, and didn’t understand why so many people cared about what dress I wore or why they thought it was so controversial.”

Lescai confessed to scrolling through the comments, where she encountered online users branding her rose-colored gown as "ugly," "outdated," and even "trashy." Shockingly, someone went as far as to express they would have reconsidered the wedding if they were the groom.

Critics also questioned why she was "trying so hard," with the barrage of rude comments seeming never-ending. One user wrote:

“My biggest fear is being a bridesmaid and the bride [wears something] like this, watching our reaction, and I need to pretend it looks good.”

Others likened her dress to toilet paper and declared it a "big no" in their books. Nevertheless, Lescai remained steadfast in her adoration for her dress, refusing to let the opinions of others tarnish her own.

During her teenage years, the bride grappled with self-confidence, but now in her thirties, she's found a firmer footing. Her concern lay in the potential impact of the hate on other women who, like her, desired to wear a distinctive dress on their special day.

Realizing that many others who had opted for unconventional dresses, or were considering doing so, might be hurt by the hateful comments, the bride took action against the bullying, confronting it head-on.

Rather than retreating from the negative comments, Lescai bravely posted a series of clips in response to those who likened her dress to toilet paper and expressed other cruel opinions.

She initiated her response by addressing the nasty comments from accounts hiding behind usernames, shielding their real identities. Lescai believed that their courage to criticize stemmed from the anonymity they enjoyed, so she decided to reveal them. She explained:

“People might think that I should expect negative comments after posting anything online, but the flip argument [is] if you make nasty comments online, you should expect to be held to account. This was my way of taking the power back.”

As Lescai brought the hateful comments to light and humorously addressed her detractors, she also expressed gratitude for the numerous positive commenters. She hoped that her story would inspire others to embrace their uniqueness.

Numerous members of the online community expressed gratitude towards the courageous bride. Her videos served as inspiration, and they were grateful for her standing up to the bullies. Users also lauded Lescai, applauding her actions:

“Your wedding dress is stunning!”
– (Mon) December 1, 2022

“Your style is AMAZING!! Never let them dim your shine.”
– (Eliza) December 1, 2022

“You looked like you belonged on the cover of Vogue Wedding Edition! bold and beautiful!!”
– (GracieLouFreebushGal) December 2, 2022

“I’ve never had the opportunity to date or the chance to get married, but I thought your dress was beautiful and you looked gorgeous.”
– (IceBlueSnowySkys) December 3, 2022

“I wore a pink dress on my wedding day as well – I felt beautiful and like myself. You glow in that dress – it’s gorgeous, and so are you!”
– (Molly Milazzo) January 5, 2022

“Um … you look BEAUTIFUL. It’s so different, and I love it! Ignore all the trolls here, please. They’re what is wrong with today’s world.”
– (Lauren Ann Marie) January 6, 2022

“Absolutely gorgeous!!!! I absolutely love that you stayed true to yourself and your style for YOUR day. The end result was perfection.”
– (randijohnsey) January 8, 2022

“I absolutely love this dress! People are always going to have something shady to say. Regardless you got everyone’s attention! Keep doing you, girl!”
– (Chad Cummins) January 15, 2022

Following Lescai's courageous response to online hate, she observed that many of her critics had removed their comments. Hopefully, her actions will prompt more people to reconsider before engaging in online negativity. Well done, Lescai. Your distinctive style is both stunning and inspiring!

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