“Not The Same Pretty Woman Anymore!”: Julia Roberts Shared “Honest” Photos And Surprised The Fans

In close-up, the fans scarcely recognized the matured Pretty Woman without her makeup.

Surprisingly, J. Roberts is already 55 years old. It's quite astonishing to grasp considering she still looks fantastic and shows no signs of aging anytime soon. Once again, the movie star has demonstrated that age is merely a number for her.

Despite her infrequent appearances at events and shows, and her retirement from acting in films, she continues to captivate her audience with her remarkable talent, timeless beauty, and charisma.

This snapshot was captured during Roberts' leisurely stroll. Fans immediately observed her bare-faced look and were swift to comment on her visibly aged appearance, suggesting she didn't appear as vibrant as in the past.

"Time leaves its mark at last!", "Nobody's immune to aging!", "Our beloved Pretty Woman is hardly recognizable!", "She's the most gifted and charismatic actress I've ever encountered!"

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