“Envy Silently” The Recent Photo Shared By Zeta-Jones Where She Kisses Her 78-Year-Old Husband Caused A Stir

Zeta Jones shared a passionate kiss with her 78-year-old husband, sparking heavy criticism.

The recent photo shared by the 53-year-old acclaimed and successful actress, featuring a heartfelt kiss with her 78-year-old partner, has sparked widespread discussion among millions of netizens. Many were taken aback by Douglas's visibly aged appearance, prompting heavy criticism of the Hollywood couple. "I could barely recognize Douglas," "He's aged significantly, now a wrinkled elderly man," "What does she see in him, I wonder?" 

"She's married to an older and seemingly disinterested grandfather," "What an inspiring couple," "Quietly envious," "They're undoubtedly the most stunning couple in Hollywood." 

"I personally adore this iconic couple," "It's surprising how harmonious they look together."

Do you consider a significant age gap between spouses to be normal?

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