A Powerful Upbringing

Lauren Wasser, a model and activist, has conquered immense obstacles to emerge as a prominent figure in the fashion world. Despite losing both her legs to Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) from a tampon in 2012, she refused to be defined by it. Today, she leverages her platform to spotlight the dangers of TSS and the necessity for improved regulation of menstrual products, championing women’s health and safety.

Raised in California within a family of models, Lauren Wasser was destined for the world of fashion. With both her parents immersed in the industry, it was only natural for her to follow suit. Her debut in Vogue alongside her mother at just 4 months old underscored her innate connection to the fashion world.

Prior to the dramatic shift in her life, Lauren Wasser thrived as a basketball player, securing a prestigious athletic scholarship. Despite her athletic success, she opted to pursue a career in modeling while maintaining her active lifestyle. Unbeknownst to her, her life was on the brink of a profound transformation.

When she was 24 years old, Lauren Wasser underwent a life-changing event that resulted in the loss of both her legs. Sharing her ordeal on an episode of The Diary of a CEO podcast, she recounted, "I lost both of my legs because of a tampon."

Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) is an uncommon condition triggered by the overgrowth of Staphylococcus aureus bacteria, resulting in the release of a harmful toxin into the bloodstream. Its prominence surged in the late 1970s following severe illnesses among several young women. By the 1980s, approximately 6 in 100,000 individuals were affected by the syndrome.

Lauren Wasser's experience with TSS began with flu-like symptoms and progressed to renal failure, accompanied by two heart attacks. With survival prospects dwindling, doctors induced a coma to preserve her life.

Upon emerging from a ten-day coma, Lauren Wasser recounted the stark reality that greeted her. With uncertainty clouding her mind, she found her feet engulfed in flames and gangrene taking hold. Eventually, she confronted the agonizing choice to undergo the amputation of her right leg. Subsequently, in 2018, she underwent another amputation, this time of her left leg.

Lauren Wasser has emerged as a passionate advocate, dedicated to increasing awareness about Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) and advocating for safer menstrual products. She sheds light on the harmful ingredients found in tampons, including chlorine bleach, dioxin, and synthetic fibers, which can pose serious risks to our health. Teaming up with Madeline Mosby, a mother who tragically lost her daughter to TSS, they strive to make a collective impact on the world.

Despite the obstacles in her path, Lauren Wasser staged a remarkable return to the modeling scene. Dubbed "the girl with the golden legs," she transformed into a beacon of both beauty and resilience. Embracing her altered reality, she opted for prosthetics with a golden hue, symbolizing her acceptance and celebrating her distinct journey.

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