18-Year-Old Parrot Joins His Human Singing Stairway To Heaven

The pandemic has significantly changed our lives in numerous ways. Although many view it as a negative experience, one man and his parrot found joy during this time.

Have you ever found yourself stuck at home, unsure of how to spend your time? This was the case for Frank Maglio Jr. and his wife, Gina.

Frank enjoyed playing the guitar but often didn’t have the time. During the pandemic, he seized the opportunity to pick up his guitar more often, and that’s when he discovered his parrot’s hidden talent.

Tico, their Amazon parrot adopted from an elderly British woman, is a beloved pet. While they already loved having a parrot, their fondness grew even more when they discovered how much Tico enjoyed listening to the guitar.

One day, as Frank played the guitar, Tico decided to join in and sing along. It all started with the song “Stairway to Heaven,” prompting Gina to quickly grab her phone and start recording the adorable duet.

First, they uploaded the video to YouTube, then to Facebook. Now, they have a new YouTube channel where Frank frequently shares videos of him performing duets with his pet parrot. Remarkably, over 250,000 people have subscribed to the channel to enjoy their performances.

In addition to YouTube, he also updates his videos on Facebook. People not only enjoy listening to Frank play the guitar but also adore Tico's ability to sing along.

The comments truly reflect how much people appreciate the joy brought by the birdsong and their singing. It's something we all needed during the pandemic, and continue to need now.

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