This Is What The 16-Year-Old Daughter Of Julia Roberts Looks Like, She Looks Like Her Beautiful Mother

Julia Roberts' daughter surprises with her appearance.

Julia Roberts is widely regarded as one of the most stunning actresses in Hollywood. She has achieved significant success both professionally and personally. Married to Daniel Moder, they share three children: two sons and a daughter named Hazel.

It's astonishing, but Julia is already 54 years old. Yet, her age is impossible to guess just by looking at her. She relishes spending time on family hobbies.

Hazel, at 16 years old, is quite striking in her appearance.

Julia gave birth to a daughter from her twin pregnancy. For quite some time, she kept her children out of the public eye. People have remarked on how the girl is blossoming into a true beauty.

Initially, Hazel bore more resemblance to her father, but over time, she began to take after her mother. People even compare her to Scarlett Johansson, despite there being no familial connection between them.

Julia doesn't aim to thrust her daughter into the spotlight or seek fame for her. She believes Hazel should pursue a regular profession of her choice. Hazel excels academically, boasting impressive grades in school.

Hazel is unlikely to be part of the generation who rely on their parents' wealth to achieve success at a young age.

It's highly probable that all opportunities will soon become available to her.

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