One Single Woman Becomes An Internet Star After Sharing The Amazing Transformation Of Her Apartment

When I first moved into this old apartment, my neighbors laughed at me. But after giving it the most stunning renovation ever, everyone now dreams of living here. I've transformed a dismal place into a luxurious apartment and couldn't be prouder. Check out the before-and-after photos in this article!

When I decided to move into an old apartment that hadn't been renovated since the 2000s, everyone was skeptical, and some even laughed at me. They couldn't understand why I chose such an unattractive apartment until I revealed it after the extensive renovation.

With its considerable size (76 square meters), the apartment required a lot of effort, sweat, and money. However, I was determined to create a beautiful living space where I could feel completely comfortable. The previous residents had redesigned the space many years ago, and I was not fond of their choices.

We decided to restore it to the layout originally planned by the developer, incorporating some innovative and desirable changes. One such change was relocating the kitchen from the hallway. The walls are now painted with washable light paint, which is not only practical but also adds a fresh aesthetic to the space.

On the left side of the entrance, there's a niche, and a hanging console with a mirror has been added to the hallway. As for the kitchen, it has been integrated into the living room space. A linear kitchen unit with white facades now lines the wall.

A round dining table was also placed in this area. In the living room, there's a spacious gray sofa with a TV set opposite it. Near the window, there's an open shelving unit where I keep my miniature library.

The bedroom boasts a cozy double bed with a plush headboard. I've added bedside tables and built-in storage systems for convenience. There's also ample space for a dressing room. I opted to utilize the other room as an office, which can double as a guest room when necessary.

The wardrobe here has mirrored facades, creating the illusion of a larger space. I've set up a tidy workspace near the window. Additionally, the room includes a folding sofa positioned against the wall. As for the bathroom, the walls are adorned with glossy blue-grey tiles and washable paint in a complementary shade. I opted for a shower instead of a traditional bath, and I'm pleased with my decision.

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