Meghan Markle, 42, Makes a Public Appearance in ‘Wrinkled’ $2000 Suit, Sparking Online Criticism

Meghan Markle's presence at SXSW ignited a storm of divided opinions on the internet. Her choice of attire drew sharp criticism on social media, with some likening the outfit to bedsheets or pajamas.

Meghan Markle graced the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, bringing her presence to the event and commemorating International Women’s Day with a notable appearance.

Participating in a keynote panel alongside media stalwarts Katie Couric and Brooke Shields on Friday, Meghan delved into profound discussions on women’s representation in media, a topic that holds personal significance for her.

The Duchess's choice of attire for the event quickly became a focal point of online discourse. She opted for a sublime ensemble embodying breezy business casual with a silky pinstripe skirt set. The internet's reaction to Meghan's fashion statement was sharply divided.

Critics were quick to voice their opinions, with some disparaging remarks comparing her sophisticated attire to bedsheets. "It looks like wrinkled bedsheets," one comment read. Others skeptically asked, "Dreamy ensemble = Pyjamas?" and "Dreamy ensemble? Oh, do you mean it looks as though she slept in it?"

The critical commentary didn’t stop there. Some unfavorably compared her to Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, with one commenter blatantly stating, “She’s a hot mess. Her hair, too casual wrinkled outfit are no match for Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge who is always dressed impeccably with class [sic].”

Others wrote, “The woman, yet again, managed to look like a total mess,” “Did she wake up and decide it was too much effort to put clothes on, so decided on her bed sheets???” and “Who dresses her, doesn’t she have friends?”

Contrasting the wave of criticism, Meghan also received a torrent of support from fans and admirers. Compliments flowed in, praising her choice of dressing and overall demeanor with remarks like, “I so much love her, her dressing and gesture,” and a simple yet powerful, “So pretty.”

Meghan's attire showcases the craftsmanship and luxury behind the ensemble from Giuliva Heritage. Her "Husband Shirt in Striped Silk" exemplifies tailoring excellence, boasting long sleeves, a tailored fit, and adorned with elegant mother-of-pearl buttons.

Teamed with it, the "Lena Skirt in Striped Silk" flows elegantly to the floor, fashioned from radiant silk and fastened with a side zipper. Each piece, intricately crafted in Italy from 100% sustainably sourced silk, embodies countless hours of devoted craftsmanship and expertise.

Priced at approximately $973 for the shirt and $1,050 for the skirt, these pieces from Giuliva Heritage aren't merely clothing items but rather a testament to the brand's dedication to quality and sustainability. Despite the evident luxury and craftsmanship of her attire, public opinion remained divided.

The conversation about her attire overshadowed the substantial topics Meghan addressed at the SXSW event titled “Breaking Barriers, Shaping Narratives: How Women Lead On and Off the Screen.” The discussions delved into pressing matters such as the pervasive toxicity of social media.

SXSW extended a proud invitation to Meghan as a speaker, lauding her as a champion for feminist causes, human rights, and gender equity. Throughout the discussion, Meghan candidly shared her struggles with social media, detailing the abuse she endured, especially during her pregnancies and as a new mother.

"The majority of the bullying and abuse I faced on social media occurred during my pregnancies with Archie and Lily, and while caring for newborns," Meghan disclosed, shedding light on the cruelty rather than the trivial nature of the attacks.

"As mothers, it's such a tender and sacred time. You can either succumb to it or nearly succumb to how painful that is," she added.

She emphasized the necessity for a safer online environment, particularly for women and children, and highlighted the tragic irony of women perpetrating hate towards other women. "We have forgotten about our humanity, and that has got to change," she said. Her heartfelt message underscored a broader call to action for humanity to embrace kindness and empathy.

The panel also featured other distinguished speakers, including Emmy Award-winning journalist Katie Couric, acclaimed actress, model, and author Brooke Shields, and Nancy Wang Yuen, a sociologist and diversity, equity, and inclusion consultant.

In the midst of this lively atmosphere, Prince Harry, seated among the audience, stood by his wife. Continuously in the public eye, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry frequently face criticism and backlash. Their Valentine's date in the past was met with online hostility.

Meghan chose a vibrant red ensemble to mark Valentine’s Day with Harry in Whistler, British Columbia. Taking a break from their Invictus Games duties, the royal couple was spotted leaving an elegant Italian restaurant, Il Caminetto, after sharing an intimate dinner together.

Their choice of venue for the romantic dinner is one of Whistler’s top dining spots, renowned for its exceptional Italian fare. Menu options span from $21 to $55, with wine selections ranging from $5,758 to $10,334 per bottle. Online commentators chimed in with their thoughts on the couple's dining experience.

"Secret?" questioned one Facebook user. "Cameras and summoned paparazzi everywhere." Another Twitter user surmised that the couple's dinner was "paid for by Invictus, donated funds for wounded veterans," deeming their actions "grossly inappropriate."

A second Twitter user echoed, "Who paid, I wonder?" Another social media user also commented, "How nice of BC taxpayers to be paying for this."

One person particularly emphasized that Meghan's "outfit looked a mess." Meanwhile, another person looked for the kids, writing, "No children... hmmm... wonder where they are... not seen them..."

Harry's commitment to the Invictus Games and its athletes remains steadfast. Mike Bourgeois, a former participant, underscored the royal's sincere interest in the competitors' journeys, from their training and coaching to their well-being.

Bourgeois emphasized Harry's dedication to understanding the athletes, acknowledging their journey of recovery. "He sees you and hears you. That's what it was like for me. And I know that's what it was like for a lot of my teammates," Bourgeois said, highlighting the prince's genuine engagement and support.

Looking back on her childhood, Meghan has shared insights into the complexities of identity and the struggles of fitting into predefined categories. She recalled having curly hair, a freckled face, and pale skin when she was younger, all attributed to her mixed-race background, which presented challenges for her in terms of fitting in.

As a mother now, Meghan finds echoes of her own childhood in her son, Archie. A snapshot of her at age five, snug in a black hoodie, remarkably mirrors Archie at the same age, highlighting the uncanny resemblance her son shares with her.

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