“It Felt Like My Organs Were Being Crushed,” Said A 20-Year-Old Woman From Florida After Having A 100-Pound Ovarian Cyst Removed

From a young age, women are educated about the significance of caring for their reproductive health. Whether it's scheduling regular mammograms or pap smears, the message is clear: vigilance is key as we grow older. However, sometimes individuals face reproductive health concerns earlier than expected. For young Allison Fisher, her health scare manifested as an oversized ovarian cyst.

Ovarian cysts are fairly prevalent among women, with an estimated 20% experiencing at least one in their lifetime. While some resolve on their own or with the help of birth control, others may necessitate surgical intervention for removal. Fisher's journey started when she noticed sudden irregularities in her menstrual cycle. Additionally, she began experiencing frequent and severe abdominal pain.

Hesitant to Seek Help

At 20 years old, Fisher felt apprehensive about seeking medical attention. Understandably discouraged, she had consistently found that her weight became the central focus of any doctor's visit. "No matter the reason—whether it was a cold or an ear infection—I was always advised, 'you need to lose weight,'" Fisher recounted. "If no one's going to listen to me, if they're always going to tell me I need to lose weight, then what's the point of going? What's the point of listening to my body?" Consequently, she procrastinated on scheduling a visit, hoping to avoid yet another discussion about her weight.

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Eventually, Fisher reached her breaking point when her symptoms intensified, and a mass started to develop on her stomach. As the mass expanded, her abdomen became "rock hard," sparking concerns of a potentially life-threatening situation. "I felt like I was pregnant with 10 kids," she described. "I couldn't lay on my stomach. It felt like all my organs were being crushed." Thus, in 2022, just before Christmas, she decided to consult a doctor.

The ovarian cyst had gotten so big that it was putting pressure on her lungs, making it difficult for her to breathe. “I let myself believe that if I ignored it, it would go away,” Fisher told Jacksonville Local News, “I was scared. I was just really scared.”

Ovarian Cyst Specialist

Fortunately, Dr. Martin Martino took on Fisher's case. With a distinguished medical background, specializing in gynecology, Martino was able to identify the root cause of Fisher's issues: an enlarged ovarian cyst. Weighing just over 100 pounds and containing nearly 50 liters of fluid, the cyst necessitated surgical intervention. "What was particularly noteworthy is that upon removal, we examined the other ovary and found it was twisted three times," Dr. Martino elaborated. "The left ovary measured about 10 centimeters, which enabled us to untwist it and preserve Fisher's future fertility, ensuring her the opportunity to have children."

Successful Removal of the Ovarian Cyst

The surgery to remove the ovarian cyst proved successful. "I can see my feet again; it's been years since I've been able to do that. I can stand a little longer. I feel so much lighter, like a new person. I can wear clothes; I can do things that regular people do," Fisher expressed with relief. "Moving forward, I'm in the early stages of weight-loss surgery, and I'm genuinely excited for what lies ahead." Fisher shared her story to inspire others to seek medical attention, regardless of their weight. "There are people out there who are in my shoes, others who are bigger, and they're just too scared to go to the doctor because of their weight," Fisher added. "I want them to know that they shouldn't be afraid."

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Open-Mindedness Makes all the Difference

It's widely known that being overweight can lead to significant health issues, and often the initial recommendation from a doctor is to improve diet and increase physical activity. However, even individuals in excellent physical condition may experience various health issues throughout their lives. Prioritizing self-care is crucial, which includes regular check-ups with medical professionals. Furthermore, having a doctor who listens to your health concerns with empathy and an open-minded approach is invaluable.

Second Chance

Allison Fisher feels like she's been "given a second chance" at life after the discovery and successful removal of her 104-pound ovarian cyst. While ovarian cysts often present mild or no symptoms and can be easily treated, it's crucial to stay informed about your reproductive health. This not only impacts your overall well-being but can also affect fertility and the ability to have children in the future.

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