I Ruined My Son's Wedding And Don't Have An Inch Of Regret! Am I Wrong For Feeling This?

A woman took to Reddit to share how she unintentionally disrupted her son's wedding and remains unsure whether her actions were justified or not.

To elaborate, her son Mike had been married before. He and his ex-wife had a son named Tommy.

Tommy was born with Down Syndrome, and shortly after, Mike abandoned both him and his wife. Moreover, he opted not to maintain contact with his son or provide any financial support to his ex-wife.

Mike's family expressed their disappointment in him for neglecting his son. When his mother learned of his impending remarriage, she felt compelled to intervene. Her concern wasn't about Mike starting a new family; rather, she simply wanted him to take responsibility for Tommy.

On the day of Mike's wedding, just as he was about to exchange vows with his bride, his mother made a dramatic entrance with Tommy in tow. She chose that moment to expose how Mike had abandoned his own son.

Mike's soon-to-be wife appeared bewildered, clearly taken aback upon learning the truth about her future husband.

Shortly after, she tossed her bouquet toward him, and then she and her family departed from the church.

Mike's mother left soon after, and the next day her cousin Liam informed her about how Mike displayed anger and a variety of emotions in front of the bewildered guests.

Mike’s mother expressed uncertainty about whether her decision to disrupt the wedding was correct. She clarified that her intention was not to ruin her son’s wedding, but rather to teach him a lesson and hold him accountable for Tommy’s well-being. Despite this, she stated that she does not regret the wedding not taking place.

The woman admitted that she may have crossed a line, but she felt it was necessary to underscore the seriousness of Mike’s neglect.

In closing, she expressed her hope that this interruption would serve as a wake-up call for him and motivate him to amend his ways, allowing him to be there for Tommy as a father. She then sought the opinions of Redditors, questioning if she had acted wrongly.

What do you think about this?

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