Coach Goes Viral Online For This One Act Of Kindness During Kids’ Basketball Game

Teachers, despite their crucial role in society, often receive the lowest compensation.

A person who devotes their life to instructing, advising, and mentoring the next generation is a rare find.

There are countless examples of instructors exceeding expectations to support their students.

For example, Jonathan Oliver, a physical education teacher at WG Nunn Elementary School in Valdosta, Georgia, was recently acknowledged for a selfless act during a kindergarten basketball game he was coaching.

He would gladly help any student who sought assistance.

Oliver, the kindergarten basketball coach of Kristen Paulk, intervened to help her tie her hair back into a ponytail when she needed assistance.

With unwavering focus, Oliver cleared Kristen's hair from her eyes, crouching down to her level on the basketball court. Unbeknownst to him, his actions were being recorded.

The coach's considerate action was captured on camera by Kandice Anderson, a teacher at the elementary school. She later shared the video on YouTube, where it received widespread praise and positive feedback.

The video was titled "When Teaching Goes Beyond the Classroom!" and swiftly gained viral traction.

Following the clip's circulation, Good Morning America reached out to the 34-year-old father of three.

"It was surprising to me that it garnered so much attention because we all do things like that," Oliver told Good Morning America, noting that he wasn't aware he was being recorded.

"We, as teachers, aim to create an environment where students feel at home and genuinely enjoy being here," he explained. "We strive to show them as much care as possible. To me, it was simply tying a ponytail."

The caring coach shared that Kristen had asked for his help in putting her hair in a ponytail for the basketball game. While he often assists his daughter with her hair, he was unsure about anything beyond that.

"It's fortunate she asked for a ponytail. Anything more, and I'd say, 'You better ask your mom,'" he quipped.

Miyah Cleckley, Kristen's mother, shared with the outlet that the video deeply resonated with her. She expressed her confidence that her daughter is well cared for whenever she's with him. "I always trust that Kristen is in excellent care with him. It was heartwarming because he often does their hair. We have five daughters and one son, so when I'm busy, he takes on the responsibility of styling their hair."

There are numerous instances of educators going above and beyond for their students, and this is just one example. They are undoubtedly heroes.

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