14 Reasons Why Single Women Are Just Happier

You know what? If being single were contraband, I'd likely indulge anyway. I crave that sensation—the freedom of having no set weekend agenda, the liberty to address pesky wedgies whenever they arise, and the bliss of sidestepping social expectations like shaving, all while indulging in profound shower musings about the dystopian young adult novels that fuel my soul. Sure, I acknowledge there are rare, enviable relationships where such freedoms coexist, but even those take time to cultivate. LIFE HACK: Just embrace singledom instead.

I'm not, like, aggressively committed to lifelong singledom, but there are undeniably some perks to flying solo that make me hesitant to rush into finding a partner. I hold onto the belief that someday I'll encounter someone with whom I'll spend my entire life, and when that moment arrives, I'll be genuinely content—because I'll know that beforehand, I lived my single life to its fullest. At this stage in my life, I happen to be a self-focused twenty-something who treasures Netflix more than most human connections, and I'll embrace that perspective as long as it brings me joy. Let's face it—there are countless reasons why people content with solitude often find greater happiness than others:

Nobody is ever going to take our Nutella

I can sleep without one eye open at night. You can't put a price on that kind of peace of mind.

The crumbs in our bed are tiny trophies of a life well-lived

I can't fathom the notion of having to sit at a table for dinner like a civilized person. Honestly, I'm convinced my body refuses to process frozen pizza unless I'm comfortably reclined at a 45-degree angle on a bed. And the thought of tidying up afterwards just to ensure no one finds Goldfish crackers in their underwear is absurd.

Our granny panties are bae

I wrote a song about mine the other day. I (almost) wish I was kidding.

Tinder fails are not a life sentence

When you're not actively seeking a partner, your dating app misadventures become nothing more than entertaining anecdotes—or, in my case, an opportunity to hone my chess skills. True story. Within the first five seconds of my last Tinder date, we both acknowledged the absence of chemistry and spent the evening playing chess, because #adulting.

Fridays are for Netflix

As are Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday...you get the point. Nobody's got Friends marathoning game like a happy single person.

Being able to see the floor is optional

Who am I tidying my room for, anyway? Being single means reveling in your own delightful mess, with about six pairs of sweatpants conveniently strewn within arm's reach on the floor at all times. If I attempted to make it somewhat presentable for someone else, I wouldn't derive nearly as much enjoyment from residing in my delightful laundry heap.

We can flirt with pretty much anything that breathes

Is there any sensation more instantly gratifying than engaging in some harmless flirting with an appealing stranger? Sure, some folks in relationships might indulge in this too, but when you're single, you get to fully enjoy it without pondering whether you've overstepped some relationship boundary. WINK AT EVERYONE. The whole world is your flirting playground.

Doing stuff alone is hella relaxing

You can totally do all the things people do on dates by yourself, and you end up truly experiencing those things when bae isn't there diverting your attention. Some of my most enlightening and downright bizarre adventures have happened on days when I've simply stepped out the front door with no company and no agenda.

Our opinion is the only opinion that matters to us

Being single is the only phase in life where you can be completely self-centered, and no one can hold it against you. I don't have to negotiate on anything—I watch the movies I want to see when I want to see them, indulge in a wine binge on a Saturday afternoon if the mood strikes, and essentially chart my own goofy course. I don't have to feign interest in someone else's pastimes, and that sense of liberation is truly exhilarating.

Starfishing is the only way to sleep

I don't typically sprawl out with all my limbs flung across the bed, but when I do, the last thing I want is to apologize to the snoring person whose face I inadvertently just jolted awake. When you're single, you can fully embrace your preferred sleeping positions without any compromises.

The third wheel is the coolest wheel

I suppose the only requirement for this is having awesome friends, but I've never not enjoyed being the third wheel. There's a reason your coupled friends clicked in the first place—it's usually because they have fantastic chemistry and bring out the best in each other. So now you get the best of both worlds, and occasionally, you even get to enjoy the perks, like when they cook up biscuits and gravy for dinner and treat you like their favorite stray.

Time tables are the stuff of nonsense

I used to be someone who meticulously planned every aspect of my life. Back in middle school, I even set a goal to be married by 26 and have a kid by 28, for reasons that probably made perfect sense to my sixth-grade self. But I've long since abandoned those rigid plans and embraced the spontaneity of living life as it comes. And I can't complain—actually, quite the opposite. Life is pretty fantastic when you just go with the flow and let it unfold however it may.

You're basically loaded

Let's calculate all the money we saved on useless birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, fancy dinners, and rip-off Groupons...and then spend it all on cheese.

The memories we make right now will last a lifetime

When I compare the clarity of memories from my time in relationships to those from my single days, the latter always stand out as more vivid. For me, being single adds a healthy dose of spontaneity to every decision, making the memories shine brighter. Plus, you tend to discover a lot more about yourself when there isn't another person shaping your identity. These moments lay the groundwork for your personal growth and aspirations, leaving an indelible mark regardless of whether you eventually settle down with someone else.

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