This Straight, Happily Married Man Loves To Wear Heels And Skirts In His Everyday Wardrobe

Mark Bryan, a 61-year-old engineer hailing from Germany, fearlessly challenges gender stereotypes.

Though originally crafted for men in the 10th century to add stature and flair, high heels are now predominantly associated with women.

Mark stands among a burgeoning cohort of modern men reclaiming this stylish footwear from its traditional feminine connotations.

Mark Bryan, a 61-year-old father of three, navigates the realms of robotics engineering and fatherhood with finesse. Despite his unassuming demeanor, he garners online attention for his distinctive style and imagery.

Amassing a significant following on Instagram, Mark boasts nearly 660,000 users captivated by his content. His feed frequently showcases him sporting pumps, boots, and skirts, accompanied by his unapologetic commentary on the normalcy of his sartorial choices.

The engineer champions the idea that attire should transcend gender confines. He favors skirts over dresses, citing their compatibility with more conventionally "masculine" tops. To him, skirts offer a broader spectrum of expression compared to the typical pants or slacks donned by men in professional settings.

Mark's children wholeheartedly endorse his pursuits, having imbibed his lessons on the significance of open dialogue and the irrelevance of clothing to one's sexuality or gender.

His daughter eagerly anticipates raiding her father's wardrobe, standing as one of his staunchest allies.

Supportively, his wife stands by his decisions, aiding him in selecting garments that reflect his authentic self.

However, not everyone extends such empathy.

Mark contends with criticism both online and offline, frequently compelled to remind detractors that their remarks would differ if he adhered to conventional attire.

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