Pretty Woman's Kids Have Grown Up. This Is What Roberts' And Moder's Children Look Like Today

At the age of 37, she welcomed her twins. Roberts caused a stir online by sharing photos of her now-grown children, which you can find in this article!

In addition to her immense success as a globally renowned and coveted actress, J. Roberts is also a devoted mother of three and a nurturing homemaker, standing as one of the most prominent and influential figures in the industry.

It's been nearly two decades since she and her husband happily tied the knot. Daniel Moder, who became the biggest love of the Pretty Woman, is her husband. The iconic film star frequently shares exclusive photos of her partner and their children.

Their charming twins have already reached the age of 18, while their youngest, Henry, is still 16. For quite some time, Roberts kept them out of the public eye, prioritizing their privacy and protection.

Roberts frequently reflects on her experience of becoming a mother in her 30s, acknowledging the insecurities and doubts she faced. However, everything proceeded smoothly without complications, and now she fully embraces the joys of motherhood.

To shield their family from journalists and paparazzi, the couple made the decision to relocate from Los Angeles to San Francisco. They hoped this move would provide a nurturing environment for their children and facilitate a journey of self-discovery for them.

They've matured and now bear an uncanny resemblance to both of their parents. Roberts consistently offers her unwavering support to them, and their striking appearance often captures public attention.

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