NFL Announces 'Black National Anthem' Performer for Super Bowl

Our gigantic media conglomerates to double down on bad ideas.

Repeating a controversial move from last year’s Super Bowl (and most recent sports events since 2020), the NFL announced that they are beginning Super Bowl LVIII with the so-called “Black National Anthem,” as well as the actual national anthem.

As announced by Adam Schefter, an ESPN reporter and podcast host, on X (formerly Twitter), the NFL has chosen country legend Reba McEntire to sing the national anthem, rapper Post Malone (of all people) to sing “America the Beautiful,” and singer/actress Andra Day, most famous for playing Billie Holliday in the 2021 biopic “The United States vs. Billie Holiday,” to sing “Lift Every Voice and Sing.”

Certainly, individuals on X (formerly Twitter), aren't entirely enthusiastic about its inclusion in the Super Bowl. User Eli Racks rhetorically questioned, "so y'all just going to have people stand for 25 minutes," while other users, such as PolkTheArtist, wondered why "do we need Lift Every Voice and Sing?"

Admittedly, the song wasn't randomly chosen for last year's Super Bowl.

Originally penned in 1900, the song serves as a hymn of gratitude, drawing upon the narrative of God liberating the Israelites from slavery as recounted in the Book of Exodus.

Although not explicitly tied to any specific race, the song has held significant cultural significance within the black community for generations.

However, its recent widespread recognition is directly attributed to the George Floyd protests and the momentum of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020.

It wasn't until BLM protestors initiated widespread demonstrations that the song began to be featured in more public forums. Major sports teams and even PBS started playing the song alongside, or sometimes instead of, the traditional national anthem.

Now, the song itself is not inherently problematic, and when viewed simply for what it is, it's a beautiful hymn of gratitude, celebrating God's deliverance from the clutches of evil.

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