Mom Gives Birth To Incredibly Special Set Of Triplets

The news of having triplets would surprise most parents, so when doctors informed 23-year-old Becki-Jo Allen that she was carrying three babies, she was utterly shocked!

After Becki-Jo went through the birth, she received another surprise that caught everyone off guard. It turned out that the three babies, all boys, were incredibly rare...

They were identical triplets!! That's approximately one in two hundred million!!!

Becki-Jo Allen and her partner had some lovely news to share with their daughter Indiana – she was going to be a big sister three times over!

The couple resides just outside Liverpool in England, and while they had been considering expanding their family, they hadn't settled on how many children they wanted. It seems fate had a hand in making that decision for them.

The ultrasound made everything crystal clear!

During Becki-Jo's early pregnancy, she experienced severe sickness and debilitating headaches. This prompted the doctors to schedule her ultrasound earlier than usual, leading to the surprising revelation of triplets!

Becki-Jo said to the news:

“It was the biggest shock of my life! We haven’t got any triplets in the family so it came completely out of the blue.”

The three boys, Rohan, Roman, and Rocco, were delivered by Cesarean section in Becki-Jo's 31st week of pregnancy. Weighing approximately 3 pounds and 5 ounces each, they embarked on their journey in the neonatal intensive care unit for their first six weeks until they grew stronger.

Having triplets typically brings about numerous complications, and it's quite uncommon for all three babies to survive.

We, like the parents, are immensely grateful that the babies did so well. They all gained weight really well too, and after just six weeks, they were ready and able to go home with mom and dad.

The doctors claimed that the boys weren't identical triplets. However, everyone who visited the family couldn't help but notice how remarkably similar the boys looked. This prompted Becki-Jo to delve deeper into the matter.

Becki-Jo arranged for a private DNA test, sending samples to a lab. The results confirmed her suspicions: genetically, the three boys were completely identical!

With the increasing prevalence of in vitro fertilization, the occurrence of triplets is also on the rise. However, naturally conceived triplets like Becki-Jo's are still exceedingly rare.

The likelihood of an egg splitting into two, followed by one of those splitting again, all within the first ten days of pregnancy, is incredibly slim. In 2015, only four sets of identical triplets were born in America.

Roman, Rocco, and Rohan are truly remarkable in their striking resemblance, yet Becki-Jo has no difficulty telling her three sons apart.

Becki-Jo said:

“It’s only when they’re asleep that they look the same to me. But they all have completely different personalities. And they’ve all got dark birthmarks between their eyebrows, but Roman’s is slightly darker than the others, and Rohan has got a birthmark on his leg as well.”

The three babies go through approximately 130 diapers every single week, along with about 5 packs of wipes, keeping their parents incredibly busy.

Indiana, the 6-year-old, is truly delighted with her wonderful, special brothers. She beams with pride as a big sister!

Becki-Jo said:

“Indiana loves them. She’s not one bit jealous. I do feel a bit sorry for her when I think what it’s going to be like growing up with three little brothers though.”

These little ones are sure to attract a lot of attention for quite some time, and rightly so—I mean, just look at how adorable they are!

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