If You See A Man With One Painted Fingernail, Here’s What It Means

During Elliot Costello's visit to Cambodia, he crossed paths with a young girl named Thea.

Elliot had no idea that this chance meeting would inspire him to initiate a movement dedicated to ending sexual abuse against children.

Interestingly, Thea always adorned her tiny nails with nail polish. During one conversation with Elliot, she requested to paint one of his nails. He obliged, enjoying the conversation with the talkative girl. However, he soon discovered that she was a survivor of sexual abuse.

"As she painted one of my nails, I promised her that I would always keep it that way to remember her and, by extension, her suffering," Elliot recalled.

This experience inspired Elliot to strive for positive change among men, aiming to reduce the number of children who fall victim to sexual abuse.

Zac Efron/Instagram

That's when he conceived the movement called #PolishedMan, where men paint one of their nails. This symbolic gesture represents the one in five children who will become victims of sexual violence.

Polished Man strives to combat sexual violence against children. According to the organization, "being a Polished Man means challenging violent behavior and language, both locally and globally."

Elliot contends that since men are responsible for 96% of this type of violence against children globally, they should be the catalysts for change if we are ever to see an end to the abuse of innocent children.

The aim of the painted nail isn’t merely to raise awareness about the staggering number of children enduring abuse daily, but also to spark conversations about this harsh reality, fostering innovative ideas for prevention. Additionally, Elliot hopes that this initiative will prompt donations to support educational programs and resources for child survivors of abuse, as highlighted by APlus.

We aspire for more men, including celebrities, to step forward and join this movement.

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