Cuteness Rolls Over: 24-Year-Old Man, Whose Body Is Completely Covered With Tattoos, Removes Them For The Sake Of His Daughter

Ethan Modboy Bramble stands out as one of the most well-known bloggers in Australia. At 24 years old, he's impossible to miss on the street – with a split tongue, modified ears, black eyeballs, enlarged nostrils, a sewn-in navel, and 95% of his body covered in tattoos, he captures the attention of even the most indifferent passersby.

It appeared that the young man's penchant for body modifications knew no bounds, fueled by his boundless imagination and the limitless potential of modern plastic surgery. However, his worldview took a sudden shift when Ethan and his wife welcomed a daughter into their family.

The arrival of the heiress acted as a wake-up call for the blogger, prompting him to critically evaluate his appearance. He made a determined decision to take all necessary steps to restore his body to its original state, despite the considerable expense and the hours of pain and suffering his past experiments had cost him.

Now the popular Australian is visited by relapse tattoo specialists, but with each visit, there are more and more light places on his body. Perhaps, when the little daughter grows up, a loving dad can show the baby only in a photograph how unusual his appearance was before.

What are your thoughts on the actions of this caring father? Do you believe he made the right decision for his daughter?

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