John Cena Wasn't Actually Naked at the 2024 Oscars — See the Backstage Pics That Prove It

John Cena ensured he maintained a subtle presence on the 2024 Oscars stage.

The actor from The Suicide Squad seemed to be completely unclothed while presenting the award for best costume design. Although he wasn't adorned in much attire, Cena, aged 46, took measures to prevent any potential wardrobe mishaps.

Behind-the-scenes snapshots reveal Cena standing in an Oscars corridor clad in nothing but a modesty pouch, concealing his most intimate areas. The pouch essentially resembled underwear, providing coverage both in the front and back for Cena. Thus, despite the impression that the pro wrestler could expose himself at any instant, the Oscars wardrobe team ensured such an occurrence was avoided.

John Cena pictured backstage at the 2024 Oscars. PHOTO: ROBERT GAUTHIER / LOS ANGELES TIMES VIA GETTY

Cena stepped onto the stage with only an oversized winner's envelope shielding his groin area...and a pair of Birkenstocks. It was a tribute to a memorable Oscars moment from the past. "During the 46th Academy Awards in 1974, David Niven was about to introduce Elizabeth Taylor when a streaker dashed across the stage," Host Jimmy Kimmel remarked while introducing Cena. "Can you picture if such a thing happened today?"

Well...Cena certainly played the part, even though he wasn't aiming to become Hollywood's next streaker. The duo bantered about how Cena was meant to streak when Kimmel posed the "what if" scenario, but he backed out at the eleventh hour. "Frankly, you should be feeling a bit guilty for even suggesting such a tasteless notion," Cena teased Kimmel, before adding, "The male physique isn't something to jest about."

John Cena backstage at the 2024 Oscars. PHOTO: ROBERT GAUTHIER / LOS ANGELES TIMES VIA GETTY

Cena proceeded to the center stage carrying the sizable presenter's envelope to unveil the award — ultimately bestowed upon Poor Things — though he struggled to hoist the envelope to reveal the nominees. "Costumes... they hold immense significance. Perhaps the utmost importance," Cena remarked, alluding to his own lack of attire. "I'm unable to open the envelope." Kimmel stepped in to assist, announcing the nominations so Cena could remain fully covered.

Jimmy Kimmel and John Cena take the stage at the 96th Annual Academy Awards. PHOTO: KEVIN WINTER/GETTY IMAGES

As the montage of nominees concluded, Cena was now draped in a makeshift toga, seemingly crafted from an Oscars stage curtain and its tassels.

The 96th Academy Awards, emceed by Jimmy Kimmel, are broadcasting live on ABC this Sunday from the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California.


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