Reasons Why A Woman Never Texts You First

#1 You Are Not The Only Player In The Game

She may have a lot of attention coming in from so many other men. And so sometimes it can be really hard for her to keep track and catch up with everybody.

There might be so many unread messages on her phone simply because she can’t seem to keep up with all the attention she constantly gets from guys.

#2 She is Not Into Texting.

It is also possible that she just doesn’t like to text but yet may still like you. There are people like that. Some may even be the other way around, that is they prefer text messages as opposed to phone calls.

And sometimes the people in your life may not understand. But if you understand what she prefers the better for both of you. And the relationship can be a little smoother.

#3 She May Have Other Priorities.

She may have other priorities going on with her at the time. And not every woman likes to share what she may be going through at any point in time. it could have something to do with her job, her family, her friends, etc.

And so you know she may be going through quite a bit and other things may be taking her attention and may need her urgent attention. So, texting you at the moment may not be number one on her list.

#4 She May Not Like You

This may be what you want to hear, but it’s a bitter truth that you should be willing to accept. You can’t force somebody else to love you, it is not in your power to do so.

You can make your intention known and if you get the reply you want good but if you don’t then you move on

#5 She Has Accepted The Norm

It can also be that she doesn’t text you first because she knows that you always will. So if from the beginning of your friendship and or relationship, you’ve always been the one to text, then naturally she’s falling into this psycho where she expects you to text first.

And she knows that if she doesn’t, you definitely will and she will hear from you.


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