Miniature Horse Brought Back To Life With The Love Of A Kind Woman

This is Peabody the miniature horse. Peabody is alive today due to the kind heart of this amazing woman Faith Smith. She couldn’t stop thinking about this miniature horse once she heard about him. She booked a van and drove all the way across the country just for him. Even though vets told her that this horse was disabled and suggested putting him down, she went against all the odds and decided to adopt him when Peabody was just 6 months old.

Faith is very experienced in caring for miniature horses. She trains them for therapy, emotional support, mobility services and of course, love. According to her miniature horses are really great for love and support.

Normally, a miniature horse weighs between 150 to 350 pounds but our little Peabody is just 19 pounds when he was 6 weeks old. It is really low even for a miniature horse.

Furthermore, to be recognized as a miniature horse they have to be like more than 34 inches tall, a height Peabody haven’t reached. He is like an extra-miniature horse. Sadly, even his mother rejected him when he was born. For his fortunate Faith found him. She says that the horse has grown a little from his time of rescue but she isn’t sure if he is ever going to reach that required height.

He was a disabled horse at first but with the help of special shoes and some training with his new mommy, he learnt to walk. And he is even running now. According to vets, the little horse is deaf but his vision is perfectly fine.

With proper attention and a bit of love, there are no life in this world that cannot be cured, right? Leave your comments on the comments section below. And please make sure you share this lovely story with your loved ones. Spread the joy!

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