Artist Makes Photo Manipulations With His Three Daughters And Son, Looks So Realistic

Time to time we get to see some one of a kind creations made by amazing artists. There was always someone who stands out from the crowd in the art world. That is how it always has been since we invented art. But with the technology getting advanced as it is now, the battle just entered into an another level. The photo editing era.

Today our story is about the Swiss artist, John Wilhelm. Well, not exactly about him, it’s more likely about his art. John Wilhelm first learnt about photography from his father who did photography as a hobby. He was not very fond of the subject anyway. Fiddling with film reels and lenses wasn’t his thing back then. Not until he found himself a digital camera. It was like a jackpot. He gets to do everything his father did with his old analog camera but without worrying about being tangled with those reels.

Wilhelm found interested in editing photos around 2011 since he was already very familiar with the camera and its’ capabilities. Once he unlocked his photo editing skills, there was no turning back. He said that he didn’t had enough time to hire models or travel around the world to take photos, so he started taking his girls and himself as models. Fortunately, it went well for him. You can scroll down to see his work.

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#1 The Umbrella With Good Weather

#2 Children Have Done Nothing Wrong To Be In A War

#3 The Blanket Of Waves

#4 Road Painting Toilet Paper

#5 Eat Or Starve

#6 Banana Bending Corporation

#7 Supportive Seagull

#8 Friendly Neighborhood Street Lamp

#9 Spaghetti Menace

#10 The Game Has Rules

#11 “Clear The Way! Clear The Way”

#12 I Don’t See Him

#13 Roller Coaster Slide

#14 Spring Version Of Snow Angel

#15 Dandelion Payback Time

#16 If Beavers Can, Why Can’t We?

#17 Mayday Mayday! Gravity Failure

#18 Brushing The Walrus

#19 Too Much Baby Fat

#20 Hiking Under Moonlight

#21 Essential Pieces To Make A Photocoholic

#22 Knitting The Wall Socket

#23 The Baby Land Express

#24 How To Catch A Thieving Little Rat

#25 Fake Frog Prince

#26 Low-Budget Iron Throne

#27 Being Online In An Offline Society

#28 “Do You Wanna Build A Snowflake”

#29 Path Of Plastics

#30 The Family Hike

#31 The Boss Baby Girl

#32 Celebration!

#33 Right Way To Carry The Baby

#34 When You Are Near The Deadline

#35 Homework Or Daydream

#36 Few Innocent Mosquitoes Won’t Do Much Harm

#37 Vespa 1947 In A Girl’s Hand

#38 Black Friday Frenzy

#39 So Many People, Still Lonely

#40 Pinocchio With Glasses

#41 Consequence Of Picking Roses From Strangers

#42 Auditorium Of The Clone Academy

#43 Feel The Snow In The Hard Way

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