30 Weird, Funny and Exciting European Things Shared in This Online Community

You know Europe. Heck you are probably from Europe. But how many of you actually name all European countries? You know there are over 40 countries to you to name if you try. 

With that being said our next stop is the r/Europe subreddit which nearly had 3 million members. And guess what; they upload and share interesting things they spot across Europe every day. To be honest most of these are really fascinating. Let’s dive into the European uniqueness together shall we...

01. This Is In Veluwe, Netherland. The Bridge Is To Wildlife To Go Across The Road

Image source: omermeijk

02. Remember The Face Jean-Baptiste Kempf. The Honorable Creator Of VLC Media Player Who Refused Tens Of Millions Of Euros In Order To Keep VLC Ads-Free

Image source: CopperOtter

03. Lukashenko’s Pro-Democratic Flags Prohibition. Belarus People Used Colors Of The Flag Instead Of Using The Flag

Image source: Massimo24ore

04. It's Nice To See They Are Recovering From That 'Billboard Madness' Phrase In Poland

Image source: Irlfit

05. London Being Rude. It’s Hilarious In ‘Truth Hurts’ Kinda Way Though

Image source: Spisepinne

06. In 2001 The Netherland Became World’s First Country To Legalize Same Sex Marriage By Mayor Of Amsterdam Marring 4 Gay Couples

Image source: NorthbyNinaWest

07. These Cathedrals In Wroclaw, Poland Have A Tactile Model Nearby So That Blind People Can See Them Too

Image source: zushini

08. Sanna Marin, The Prime Minister Of Finland (34 Years Of If You’re Wondering)

Image source: aripp

09. Rakotzbr├╝cke A.K.A. The Devil’s Bridge In Kromlau, Germany

Image source: Hjaaal

10. A French Medieval House Built In 1509

Image source: vincentski

11. If All The Bees And Butterflies Were To Extinct This Would Be The Look Of Your Supermarket Too. An Idea By Tesco In Slovakia

Image source: adelkaloc

12. Dublin Trinity College, Ireland. Holy Mother Of… Are Those All Real Books? 

Image source: PR0CR45T184T0R

13. Firefighters Sleeping After Fighting Biggest Wildfire In Decades. Attica, Greece. True Heroes!

Image source: thestoicnutcracker

14. German Chancellor Calling Out Bulgarian Prime Minister For Wearing Mask Wrong. Is It That Hard People? Just Cover Your Damn Nose!

Image source: AdmirableFlow

15. A Woman Fighting For Their Rights In Poland

Image source: rickk79

16. I Honestly Cannot Judge These Scotland Sentiments

Image source: daneelr_olivaw

17. This Is Beautiful. Oh And It’s Utrecht, Netherland

Image source: Vucea

18. It Another One From Netherland. A Weekend In Last Winter. Looks Like A Master Painting Here

Image source: PanEuropeanism

19. The Picture Of The Year – ‘Bear And Raven’. Finland

Image source: Pontus_Pilates

20. Visible Blood Moon In Finland Few Years Back

Image source: reddit.com

21. A Statue Connects Vilnius, Lithuania And Lublin, Poland In Real Time. People In 100 Years Ago Would Have Lost Their Minds If They Knew

Image source: verylateish

22. This Is In Budapest, Hungary. A Neo-Gothic Apartment House Built Around 1894

Image source: PR0CR45T184T0R

23. These Two Beauties From The Village Of Startsevo, Bulgaria In Their Traditional Gowns

Image source: AxelAbraxas

24. Annamaria Horvathova Who Won A Race Wearing Just Ballerinas In 2018. Few Months Ago, She Became 1500m Champion Of Slovakia In Her Age Group

Image source: walkie_stalkie

25. German Boar Bullying An Old Man. Don’t Laugh People This Could Happen To You Too (I’m Not Laughing Either. Don’t Be Rude)

Image source: allllllli-babbba

26. An Almost Entirely Intact Roman Mosaic Villa Floor. Discovered About A Year Ago In Italy

Image source: Porodicnostablo

27. Not Darth Vader. It Just Jakub Wejher, Founder Of The Polish Town Wejherowo In Snow Effect

Image source: FunbaRlow

28. Looks Like A Christmas Decoration But It’s A Whole Market In Decoration. 2019 Christmas Market In Germany

Image source: filosoful

29. Four Years Ago US Embassy In Berlin. Only If You Can Recognize The Shadow (Wink Wink)

Image source: linknewtab

30. This Solid Bronze Door Is At The Roman Pantheon So Well Balanced It Can Be Open Easily By One Person. This Is The Oldest Door Still In Use Which Dates Back To About 115 Years AD

Image source: capcaunul

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