30 Times Tattoo Artists Did Amazing Cover Ups For Birthmarks and Scars (New Pics)

We know some of you look at your scars as trophies. They remind you of your grate adventures you had in the past. Memories you might love. Unfortunately, not all of us have that luxury. Sometimes we get really embarrassing scars and in really embarrassing ways which we would love to forget about. And what about unwanted birthmarks?

Thankfully we have the art of tattoos and gifted artists who can turn anything into anything. Seriously, just look at these pictures.

01. Wow! This Is The First Tattoo I’ve Seen With It’s Own Relief

Image source: danasha.tattoo

02. Scar Into Fishbone? Clever!

Image source: nein666_tattoo

03. It Got Really 3D

Image source: camurtattoo

04. Nice Birthmark Remake

Image source: studiobysol

05. Childhood Domestic Burn Camouflage. There’s Nothing Better Than A Phoenix Tattoo For Cover-Up A Burn

Image source: pinkdermographie

06. Think Out Of The Box

Image source: hellcock

07. This Is Incredible

Image source: empowertattoo

08. It Must Have Feel Like Embroidered Flowers

Image source: raquelgauthier

09. “Beam Me Up Scotty”

Image source: tomsandys

10. Old Self-Harm Scars Cover Up. Hope He Won’t Have To Do A Cover Up Again

Image source: henrytwood

11. This Cover-Up Is So Cool. He Must Be Feeling Like A Pirate Now

Image source: Yulinka17

12. Sometimes Do The Obvious

Image source: pat_theblackcattattoo

13. Wonder If That’s How He Go That Scar

Image source: dimistattoo

14. It’s A Map With A Birthmark

Image source: jwhitley2041

15. You Will Never Find A Scar In That Arm Again

Image source: ImaGeisha4u

16. Is That A Scar? Is That A Platform? We Will Never Know

Image source: FLSTSBrider

17. A 3D Tattoo? Incredible!

Image source: halfrican_art

18. They Are Covering Up A 40-Years-Old Scar With Some Cherry Blossoms

Image source: p.ink.y_pix_kpt

19. Is Alien Abduction This Popular?

Image source: Dasgoog

20. I Honestly Can’t See The Scar Through That Tattoo. Amazing!

Image source: medikaldovmeler

21. Another Birthmark Cover-Up. Wow These People Are Talented

Image source: guesspre

22. More Fishbone? More Like A Fish Skeleton If That’s A Thing

Image source: pimpotattoo

23. This Is Adorable

Image source: screaminktattoos_

24. Amazing Cover-Up Tattoo For A C-Section Scar

Image source: ngocliketattoo

25. With All Those Snowflakes, I Don’t Even Notice Birthmarks On His Hand

Image source: nimketattoo

26. It’s A Fish Scale People. Wait! It Doesn’t Call ‘Fish Skin’ Right?

Image source: michaelmansfieldtattoos

27. Nice Reminder There. I Should Get One Too

Image source: gunyks.ink

28. Laser Scar Removal Treatments For 6 Years And End Up Getting A Tattoo Over Scars. We Can See It Paid Off Well. Adorable!

Image source: Round-Net-2260

29. Paw Print Around The Birthmark? Cute!

Image source: hneuburger33

30. Another Embroidered Flower. Beautiful!

Image source: michallyszczarz_dotbull

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