15 Incredible Examples That Show How Nature and Humans Can Coexist In a Ideal Harmony

Humans' earliest habitat was in nature and their coexistence was exquisite. But that's usually when we're talking about people who live in caves or when farming was the only profession we had before being influenced by all of this overwhelming technology.

Urbanization has erased the presence of nature in our lives due to fast population growth. We are increasingly surrounded by concrete walls that we construct to survive in today's world forgetting that the most important aspect for us is to exist in nature, rather than in an office or building where we work.

One school of thought holds that humans and nature cannot coexist peacefully on the same planet and that one must inevitably destroy the other. Luckily, there have been certain instances where people have recognized the value of being surrounded by nature and have found a great way to coexist as you can see below.

We've put together another set of photographs below that show how architects have managed to create a beautiful and elegant truce between the two sides by demonstrating how we may perfectly exist side by side in perfect harmony.

Scroll down to see the final product, which is very beautiful.

1# There are palm trees over the roof.

2# Brazilian Steakhouse's fig tree.

3# KAMP arhitektid's LENNE office in Estonia.

4# ‘Plane' restaurant in Budapest, Hungary.

5# The Earthbox is a small workplace and today it serves as an architecture firm in AsunciĆ³n, Paraguay.

6# Luciano Pia designed this apartment building in Torino, Italy. It is intended to increase the amount of greenery in urban areas.

7# Hey, the tree was here first right?

8# This home in Corallo, Guatemala, designed by Paz architecture, invites nature into your living room.

9# There has never been a better tree house than this one.

10# Architects such as Stefano Boeri are pushing the boundaries of design by developing entire forest cities. Boeri's first forest city is in Lizhou, China, and it will be completed in 2020.

Lizhou forest city as seen from above. Stefano Boeri architetti

11# At this building, trees grow through two "elliptical eyes" of a suspended garden.

12# Hungry Lion (now close but building still there) Honolulu Hi School Street.

13# A beautiful Chinese landscape.

14# Casa Del Bosque.

15# Hong Kong Park begins to become a part of the city, despite its delimitation.

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