Nature Photographer Captures Small Garden Frogs Using Flowers As Umbrellas

Wildlife photography may bring us closer to nature, presenting stunning and striking moments we might otherwise miss.

They have a skill and an art that requires a keen eye and patience but now and then they manage to get a flawless photo that depicts the beauty of nature.

We, humans, are frequently so busy with our daily routines that we forget there is a wide variety of different animals living nearby. Ajar Setiadi, an Indonesian wildlife photographer has been attracted by the species that live in the natural habitats of his hometown, Bogor, since he was a boy. He's been photographing and recording the secret lives of the frogs in his yard, exposing their fascinating—and often adorable—behavior.

“Actually, I have frogs as my pets,” Setiadi said “Sometimes I play with them in my garden and let them play with the flowers as I am showering my plants.”  While Setiadi strives to capture their most lovable moments on camera the adorable frogs instinctively engage and pose with the flowers. “For me, it’s a miracle that I can capture them,” the photographer said. “That’s an amazing moment, actually.”

A frog in the rain holds up a leaf, like an umbrella in one image while two frogs dance together in another. Setiadi managed to capture two frogs huddling together, sheltering from the rain under a flower umbrella and this shot stands out as the loveliest. Frogs are social animals and this touching image resembles a loving couple or two friends keeping an eye on one other during a downpour. Setiadi said about the touching scene. “I could only get a few frames because this moment can't be repeated.”

See more of Setiadi's frog photography below and follow him on Instagram for more. He captures the intimate lives of insects, birds, and reptiles when he is not photographing frogs.

The intriguing lives of charming garden frogs are captured by Indonesian wildlife photographer Ajar Setiadi.

Ajar Setiadi: Instagram

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