Heart Aching Clips Reveals Orangutan Fighting Off Excavator To Secure His House

Deforestation has a terrible effect, as seen by the tragic video above. An orangutan appears to be fighting a bulldozer in a jungle in the dramatic clip.

Many of us are thinking about how harmful palm oil harvesting is right now. Every year, over 6,000 orangutans are killed as a direct result of palm oil deforestation. Each hour, according to The Orangutan Project, 300 football fields of valuable remaining timberland are furrowed to the ground across Southeast Asia to make way for palm oil plantations.

Palm oil is well-known in the food business since it is a low-cost oil that can be used in a variety of products. While the cost of the racks may be low, the cost of untamed life and the environment is not; however, it appears that this isn't a concern in the public sphere, as we work in a way where each individual or individual organization hopes to profit from the market without considering the cost of our collective activities.

Because orangutans and other creatures are being chased from their homes as a result of human activity, now is the perfect time for us to think about our purchasing decisions as well as how our systems and infrastructure are designed to support this type of activity.

A video taken in 2013 and released in 2018 provides all of the necessary examination and impassioned association to realize just how significant of an issue this has grown to be for our wildlife buddies. An orangutan attempting to protect his home from loggers was captured on camera by International Animal Rescue.

In the Sungai Putri jungles in Borneo, Indonesia, a brief video shows an orangutan going approaching a bulldozer that is tearing down its dwelling area. He frantically tries to flee after slapping the machine's container.

The group stated on Facebook:

“This distraught orangutan is desperately looking for a haven from the bulldozer's deadly might; a machine that has previously demolished everything else around him.”

You could say that the orangutan received some good news because it was protected by an animal protection group. In any case, his home, like the homes of many others, was destroyed.

This is another example of how humans are in charge of the massive amounts of suffering that occur in our world. We are seeing an increase in awareness about how our useless behaviors are causing others to suffer, which is prompting us to eliminate animal products from our eating regimens and clothing choices.

This symbolizes a shift in communal consciousness that reconnects humanity with nature and its surroundings. In reality, and you might say this is my sentiment although it is a deep idea for me when mankind is truly in touch with itself, the mindless killing of animals and nature makes no sense to participate in. There are no convictions, values, or deep qualities need to feel that fact.


Have we reached a situation where we can claim that we don't respect nature or natural life? Is the way we treat other living souls a reflection of our alienation from ourselves and our own knowledge beyond "the mind"?

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