Baby Monkey Takes Care Of Ducklings Like They’re His Bloodline

Baby animals doing adorable things tug at our heartstrings more than anything else. Something about their tiny hands and zest for life makes us smile and we immediately want to show off our new find to everyone we know.

This monkey looks after a group of ducklings and it's so adorable that it's turned our hearts into puddles!

If there's anything cuter than newborn monkeys and fluffy ducklings, it's the combination of the two. That's a lot of sweetness in one place.

This video is exactly what you've been looking for. It's an eight-minute romp through the world of cuteness. This video set to soothing music is sure to melt even the toughest hearts. Angry? We strongly advise you to watch this video.

The video begins with the newborn monkey gazing affectionately at the ducklings. The ducklings begin grooming the monkey's fur, while the young monkey continues to stroke and pet the ducklings. They all appear to be quite happy to be with each other.

In addition, the video shows the young monkey hugging one of the ducklings! The rest of them are huddled close as well.

We've reached the point where we can't take any more sweetness! Hugging and expressing affection has never been more fun than with this monkey embrace.

The monkey then decided to venture forth for a while in search of something to eat. The prospect of their favorite baby monkey being far away does not sit well

With the family. So they don't let the monkey get any closer! Isn't it just the cutest thing you've ever seen?

On the other hand, the ducklings appear to believe that the newborn monkey is their new mother. The gang follows the monkey everywhere he goes!

When it's snack time the ducklings are munching on yum delicious rice, while the monkey drinks from a prepared bottle to obtain some of the nutrients it needs regularly. Isn't it sweet that they even share a snack? Although they follow different diets, they still eat together.

Because let's face it, he's a baby, and babies need a lot of practice, the monkey is climbing up the tree for a little swinging. And, more importantly, where are the ducks?

So, the monkey returns to the top of the tree, only to find his ducklings waiting for him at the bottom.

And the gang continues to explore their woodland home becoming more used to their surroundings.

This is also one hungry monkey! While they explore the forest together it can't help but chew on all the vegetation.

A couple of the ducklings look to be sleeping, but they have nothing to worry about because their "mother" is watching over them and making sure they are safe.

Here's a link to the video. Take a look and see how beautiful everything is!

Image/Video credits & further info: Animals Home/youtube

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