26 People Who Accidentally Discovered Their Doppelgängers In Museums And Couldn't Trust What They Saw

Do you have trouble connecting with traditional art? We do, too, but a discovery like the one these guys made when they discovered their exact doppelgangers in historical paintings may easily change that. When you go to a classic art show, you expect to see exotic times with odd persons who lived then, right? That isn't always the case, as these art collectors learned when their identical doppelgängers were discovered in the frames!

These selfies reveal some strange parallels between the two people which will have you wondering what's going on here, whether owing to a time machine still hidden someplace or by chance.

#1 In A Museum, Face To Face With Yourself.

Image source: Davidurbon

#2 So He Visits An Art Museum, And This Occurs.

Image source: WreckedTangled

#3 Discovered Something Interesting Today At The Art Museum.

Image source: pepesilvia-

#4 So, At The Met, I Discovered A Photograph Of Myself Dressed As A Samurai From 111 Years Ago. I Was A Samurai Armor Collector; I've Been Drinking A Lot Since Then, So I Don't Remember Much, But It May Be Me.

Image source: datman510

#5 The Experience Of A Doppelgänger.

Image source: Ross W. Duffin

#6 One Of My Friends Is A Time Traveler.

Image source: reddit.com

#7 At The Louvre, I Found My Great-Great-Grandmother.

#8 At The Louvre, I Found My Doppelgänger. Íñigo Melchor De Velasco.

Image source: joahdato

#9 In A Zurich Art Museum, I Discovered My Half-Century-Old Doppelgänger.

Image source: _Melbourneer_

#10 I'm The Boss.

#11 My Best Friend Went To The Louvre And Found An Old Painting Of Himself.

Image source: MrPaulieP

#12 Past Twin.

#13 While Walking Through The Met, A Friend Spotted This Self-Portrait Painting.

Image source: racoon_goon

#14 In The Trento Science Museum, Discovered His Doppelgänger.

Image source: Todd Mansfield

#15 Lookalikes In The Gallery.

Image source: Davidurbon

#16 I Discovered My Pre-Pre-Pre-Pre-Exist.

Image source: 1999n12y27

#17 It's Time For A Historical Doppelganger.

Image source: Blor-Utar

#18 At The Louvre, Weird Al Demonstrates His Immortality.

Image source: AlboUnderhill

#19 "My Name Is Henry The 8th".

Image source: scrmedia

#20 This Weekend I Went To Paris. Something Better Caught My Eye Just As I Was About To Take A Photograph Of The Mona Lisa.

Image source: realbobsnyder

#21 At The Gallery, We Saw Our Baby's Twin.

Image source: hifrienditsme

#22 I And The Painting Were A Perfect Match.

#23 The Louvre's Doppelganger Reminded Me Of A Photograph I Took.

Image source: Itzakov

#24 I Believe It Has Captured Him.

Image source: ArdhaChandrasana

#25 My Friend Discovered His Doppelganger In The Louvre On Our Trip To Paris. There's A Lot Of Hilarity Going On Here.

Image source: imgur.com

#26 Now That's A Striking Resemblance!

Image source: DaytonArt

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