20 Birds That Are More Charm Than Any Mankind

1. You're missing out if you don't follow bird accounts on Instagram!

The Lilac-breasted Roller is both Kenya's and Botswana's national bird.

2. With around 20,000* species, there appears to be an endless supply of beautiful birds worth capturing like this Plum-headed Parakeet.

*2016 study research found over 18,000 bird taxa, nearly tripling the previous total. Not everyone agreed with the rise, which was the result of a revised definition of "species."

3. Consider the Oriental dwarf kingfisher. This tiny bird, which is found in Southeast Asia is stunning.

4. And what about these Rhinoceros hornbills?

Fun fact: The casque on top of its head begins white but progressively changes color as the bird rubs it against an oil-gland under its tail.

5. Hummingbirds in particular may be extremely colorful, as this Shining Sunbeam demonstrates. It's found in Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador, and it's a real beauty!

6. Take a look at this Fiery-throated Hummingbird which is native to Costa Rica and Panama.

7. If purple is your favorite hue the Velvet-purple Coronet is a must-have.

In the dim light, this bird seems almost dark!

8. Hummingbirds aren't the only birds with multicolored feathers. Rainbow Lorikeets are the name given to these two birds. They belong to the parrot family and are considered pests in areas of Australia and New Zealand.

The most attractive pests I've ever seen!

9. This lovely little bird is a Painted Bunting often known as the "Nonpareil," which translates to "unrivaled." They are widespread throughout the Southeastern United States.

10. Not everyone likes pigeons, but they'd be lying if they said the Nicobar pigeon isn't beautiful!

Fun fact: The Nicobar pigeon is the closest living relative to the extinct Dodo bird, despite its appearance.

11. The Violaceous Trogon* may seem like a Harry Potter spell, but it's a wonderfully beautiful bird found in Central and South America.

*Recently, the Violaceous Trogon was divided into three species. I'll leave it to the bird specialists to figure out what this one is!

12. A Common Green Magpie is the name given to this beautiful bird that resembles the Mask of Zorro.

13. And this is a stunning photograph of a Mandarin duck.

Fun fact: Because they appear to have terrible taste bad, they are one of the few duck species that are not hunted for food.

14. Why not the Hyacinth? There has to be at least one macaw on this list, so why not the Hyacinth?

15. Take a look at the legs of this Purple Gallinule:

16. Take a look at this bird. You know, it's called a Three-wattled Bellbird because it has three wattles hanging from its face!

17. The Violet-green Swallow is a sophisticated-looking bird. They may be found nesting from Alaska down to central Mexico.

18. This bird is known as a Hoopoe, and it has a beautiful crown of feathers on top of its head.

19. You may be familiar with Wilson's bird of paradise which is famed for its spectacular courtship dance.

20. The Himalayan monal, a member of the pheasant family, can make your mouth drop.

However, this is only one of the hundreds of stunning birds! Sorry if your favorite didn't cut.

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