20 Animals Who Brought Unexpected Presents To Their Owners

Every dog has mastered the art of gift-giving; you never know what they'll have in their mouths when you see them. How many times have you tossed the ball for your dog to catch, only to have him return with something entirely different? When given the opportunity, our pets may be excellent hunters. This is because sending us presents is their way of saying "thank you" for being our best buddy.

These gifts are a method for them to express their love and thanks for us. Presenting their hunt to their superior, on the other hand, might be a source of tremendous pride.

Even if you think a dead mouse, frog, or bird in your house is the finest present you've ever gotten it's the thought that matters. Our animal companions are proud of their accomplishments and they want us to be as well. Although some of these gifts are very scary others are simply heart-warmingly lovely.

See what these folks have gained from their dogs by scrolling down. Don't forget to give your favorite present an up vote.

#1 I about died laughing as I raised her head. Dentures! This house was formerly owned by an old couple, and I believe it was theirs.


#2 After a day of playing about in the mud at the park, my dog brought me this.

Image source: I_CAN_MAKE_BAGELS

#3 A friend of mine is a new mother, and her dog brought her this today.

Image source: cheml0vin

#4 Another "dead" bird was carried in by my sister's cat, or so they believed.

Image source: Weavler

#5 “I was out camping a few weekends ago, and while putting up the tent, I noticed this on my girlfriend's dog.”

Image source: Imgur

#6 My wife and I have begun to feed a stray cat. He likes to bring us gifts, which are usually a dead mouse or a chicken bone. He showed up today with this, and I have no idea where he got it.

Image source: Ihaveastupidcat

#7 This morning, my dog spotted a newborn bunny.

Image source: AndrewDEast

#8 Some dogs bring toys, Frisbees, or sticks back with them. Jack presented me with a pigeon. Stupid pigeon. Lol!

Image source: idavidcai

#9 My dog is unfit for this world; he gave me a flower.

Image source: andeeortz

#10 Cat reappears, carrying sausage taken from an unknown neighbor's grill.

Image source: erigunn

#11 Charlie has given me a tenner.

Image source: dudley_the_dog

#12 I found this old pupper walking the roads and took him to his home; as a thank you, he handed me his ducky.

Image source: SergieKravinoff

#13 This is the third one that my dog has brought back inside. We don't have a garden because we don't have one. At the very least, we didn't believe it.

Image source: jp5384

#14 My dog gives me her toys to keep me company because I've been ill all weekend.

Image source: denmother

#15 That time, the dog took 10 pounds of marijuana home with him.

Image source: Jones County Sheriff’s Department

#16 He insisted on carrying two balls back with him.

Image source: MisterMcGibblits

#17 When my dog delivers me a present, she gets very happy.

Image source: CharIieBronson

#18 This tiny boy was brought home by my cat. I think I've acquired a new companion.

Image source: chickendinosaur

#19 What do you mean you don't like the present I gave you?

Image source: mssugarginger

#20 My cat, unlike other cats, does not bring dead animals to his family.

Image source: luckyisdesii

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