These “Clear” Succulents Appearance of Shining Jewelry Emerging From the Floor

Succulents are plants that have translucent leaves that are shaped like cartoon bunnies, dolphins, and hearts. The transparency is most noticeable when the light shines on the little bulbous leaves, which are frequently referred to as "transparent succulents." As a result, Haworthia cooperi takes the prize for being the most unique variation, even though it is not exceptionally constructed.

The tops of the plants are nearly totally obscured by the sun leaving just the base of the blue-green leaves visible. All that is left is a dazzling jewel-like appearance from the succulent tips.

In its native habitat, the Haworthia cooperi grows in the shade of a tree or a shrub in South Africa's Eastern Cape Province. It enjoys strong light (but not direct sunlight) in the home, so keep it near the window sill (though not actually on it). When this plant is exposed to too much sunshine, the translucent tips fade and turn white.

Haworthia cooperi, like the heart-shaped Conophytum bilobum, is an uncommon succulent. Look for them as seeds if you want to find them outside of South Africa. Etsy seller Little Leaf Garden vendor sells these for a reasonable price.

The unusual Haworthia cooperi is a clear succulent with bulbous leaves that have a translucent look.

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